Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Air Zimbabwe pilots continue strike

Air Zimbabwe pilots are still on industrial action as they had not reached an agreement with their employer to end the week long industrial action.

Air Zimbabwe pilots downed tools on the 23rd of this month, demanding payment of salary and allowance arrears dating back to the beginning of the year.

The strike by the pilots follows similar industrial action last September to press for better salaries and payment of salary arrears.

Air Zimbabwe Board Chairman, Mr. Jonathan Kadzura told reporters that so far the national airline has not been able to agree with the pilots on the way forward as it is unable to pay salary and allowance arrears owed to the pilots.

Mr. Kadzura said due to the impasse Air Zimbabwe planes are grounded and travellers who had booked flights with the national airline are being transferred to other airlines.

A passenger at the Harare International Airport said she was supposed to fly from London on Thursday last week, but was told that the flight had been cancelled and had to make alternative travel arrangements.

Aviation industry experts say the use of other airlines to ferry Air Zimbabwe passengers is more costly and adds to the national airline's financial challenges.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Air Zimbabwe strike news

Air Zimbabwe strike entered into its seventh day today Monday morning with endless in scene.
pilots had not yet returned to work demanding payment of their outstanding salaries and allowances estimated at around $9 million.
As a result, Air Zimbabwe had reportedly leased a private aircraft to fly the Harare-Johannesburg-Harare route as a stop-gap measure to ease pressure caused by the strike.
In a statement on Saturday, board chairperson, Jonathan Kadzura, said:
“Air Zimbabwe board and management wish to advise the public that whilst negotiations are still underway with our pilots to restore normal operations, we have resumed operations on the Harare-Johannesburg-Harare route and will be operating on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with normal timings until further notice.”
Kadzura urged striking pilots, who have been refusing to fly since last Tuesday, to go back to work while their grievances were being looked into.
“We can work out something when we are flying not when we are grounded. The business is not viable and the best we can do is going back to work and maybe restructure and work out how best we can come up with something for our workers.”
A similar strike by the pilots in September last year cost Air Zimbabwe around $3, 5 million.
The national airliner lost most of its senior pilots and engineers over the last few years who left the country for greener pastures.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ethiopian Airlines aims at strengthening its position as one of the leading airlines in Africa

Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Airlines aims at strengthening its position as one of the leading airlines in Africa. It is ready to invest 40 million dollars to purchase five more Boeings 777. The funds, provided by the African Development Bank, go with other private and public allocations for the 10-year development plan that will allow the airline to renew its entire fleet by 2018. The airline, founded in 1945, enjoys a solid international reputation, with crew and maintenance staff that can be compared to those of western airlines. The headquarters are at Addis Ababa airport, one of the foremost hubs in Africa. The development plans of Ethiopian Airlines will soon lead to the hiring of 800 workers, one quarter of whom women.

11% increase in tourist arrivals compared to the previous year(2009) by Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) Research

A report by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) market research and product development division has reviled that the country's tourism sector showed a stead recovery for the year 2010, by an 11% increase in tourist arrivals compared to the previous year(2009).
According to the latest report titled "Tourism Trends and Statistics Report 2010", the effects and after effects of last year's world soccer jamboree — held in Africa for the first time — largely contributed to the significant rise in tourist arrivals and hotel occupancy levels.

The report indicates that tourist arrivals were  2 239 165, representing an 11 percent increase from the 2009 figure of 2 017 264; pushing up tourism receipts to US$634 million from US$523 million recorded in 2009, representing a 21 percent increase from the comparative period. Of the 2 239 165 arrivals received by Zimbabwe in 2010, Africa contributed 87 percent followed by Europe (6 percent), the Americas (3 percent) and Asia (2 percent). The Oceania and Middle East contributed less than 2 percent.

Average hotel room occupancy levels also increased from 46 percent to 52 percent while average bed occupancy levels rose from 35 percent to 36 percent last year compared to 2009.
Almost all of the country's regions experienced increases in room occupancy levels except Harare and Midlands. Harare and Bulawayo and other regions recorded increases in bed occupancy except Beitbridge that remained unchanged.

The border town of Beitbridge had the highest room (62 percent) and bed (59 percent) occupancy rates while Victoria Falls remained with the highest foreign clientele composition at 63 percent probably because almost all foreign tourists want to catch a glimpse of the majestic Victoria Falls.
In interview last week, ZTA head of public relations and corporate communications Mr Sugar Chagonda confirmed that Zimbabwe's tourism sector recorded an increase in arrivals spurred by some of its Southern

African markets such as South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland.

"Most of our tourists came from neighbouring countries and South Africa remains the major source market in Africa with a market share of 70 percent of arrivals from the African continent.

"The increase is attributed to an increase in tourist arrivals in 2010 to our vigorous marketing campaigns both in traditional and potential source markets. The economic stability obtaining in the country since 2009 is also a major contributor to the rise in tourist arrivals and room occupancy levels.

"It is also important to note that the peace prevailing in the country since the consummation of the inclusive Government has played a pivotal role in luring tourists. A lot of tourists have changed their perception of Zimbabwe since the formation of the inclusive Government," said Mr Chagonda.

The report indicates that tourist arrivals from the Americas rose by 19 percent in 2010 with the United States, arguably the country's second biggest rabid critic after the United Kingdom, increasing arrivals by 30 percent.

The US continues to lead as the major overseas source market for Zimbabwe while Britain has maintained second position since 2006.

It is believed the 2010 soccer World Cup, "to some extent", resulted in an increase in Mexican and Argentinian arrivals. However, the Asian region recorded a 36 percent decline in arrivals with all major markets except Japan and Malaysia recording a decline in the period under review.

Statistics show that Japan is the largest Asian market for Zimbabwe followed by China with a market share of 25 percent.
Europe also recorded a 20 percent decline last year with most major markets recording declines in tourist arrivals. Spain had the highest increase in arrivals (70 percent) followed by Britain and Ireland.

Going forward, Mr Chagonda reckons the country's tourism sector has the potential to do better and probably contribute significantly to Gross Domestic Product if Government supports the ZTA's marketing initiatives.

"I still feel we can do better as an industry if Government avails more funds for the Tourism Board's marketing initiatives. There is no doubt that funds are heavily required to enable the ZTA to attend travel shows around the world.

"Last year, we requested for US$12,5 million from Treasury but we only got US$400 000 which is not enough for us to remain visible in source and potential markets. So far this year, we have taken our marketing of the country to Russia, China, Germany and recently the Seychelles where we did well," said Mr Chagonda.

The report suggests that 2011 promises to bring positive results to the country's tourism industry in line with the anticipated growth in international tourist arrivals by between 4 percent and 5 percent riding on the back of economic stability.

President Robert Mugabe will rule Zimbabwe forever: Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa

Bulawayo-Zimbabwe - President Robert Mugabe will rule Zimbabwe forever - until he dies, Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.
Addressing Zanu PF supporters at Stanley Square in Makokoba high density suburb on Saturday during the launch of party’s anti-sanctions petition in the Bulawayo province, Mnangagwa, who himself harbours presidential ambitions, said nobody will stop Mugabe from continuing with his rule.
Mnangagwa, who in 2004 was accused of hatching a plan to side step Mugabe in what later became known as the Tsholotsho Declaration, has in the past few years gone on a crusade of praise singing the ageing leader.
Top Zanu PF officials, have since independence fallen over each other in singing praises for Mugabe with some blasphemously calling him the “only other son of God” while more recently, the Minister of Information Webster Shamu said Mugabe was like “Cremora”.
Ironically, in the later 90s Shamu led a futile campaign to dethrone Mugabe from being leader of Zanu PF. Due to the bootlicking, former Zimbabwe’s iron lady of politics, Margaret Dongo described the Zanu PF officials as “Mugabe’s wives”, for being scared of him.
And Mnangagwa, lived to this reputation while in Bulawayo last Saturday.
“President Mugabe will continue ruling this country. Nobody will stop him, even if the GPA collapses he will continue ruling. Zimbabweans you are actually lucky to have a brave man like him,” said Mnangagwa.
Mnangagwa, who is also Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs added that “Mugabe is like an elephant and many western countries especially Britain are scared of him that’s why they slapped him with sanctions”.
Last month, Mnangagwa said heads of foreign firms could be forced to go on radio to publicly denounce western sanctions imposed on Mugabe and cronies, or face losing 90% of their company shareholding.
The US and EU have imposed targeted sanctions on Mugabe and his inner circle for human rights abuses, vote rigging, disregard of property rights and other issues.
Mugabe’s Zanu PF party has been calling for the removal of the sanctions for years now, blaming the West’s restrictive measures for the country’s destruction. Two weeks ago, Mugabe launched a national anti-sanctions petition which he said needs two million signatures.
Meanwhile, Zanu PF youths caused chaos outside Stanley Square during the Saturday address by Mnangagwa, as they were blocking traffic and demonstrating along Third Avenue extension, waving placards, denouncing the sanctions.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Air Zimbabwe pilots strike.

Air Zimbabwe appealed to its striking pilots to return to work as they walk-out, which began on Tuesday, entered a third straight day on Thursday, disrupting travel plans for hundreds of its domestic and international customers.
The state-owned airline was forced to cancel its Harare-London flights on Wednesday, and the return flight departing London Gatwick on Thursday evening, as pilots stayed away from work for the second time in less than six months over a pay dispute.
Pilots, engineers and cabin crew say they are owed as much as US$9 million by Air Zimbabwe accrued over several years. They say financial commitments made to them by the government during the last strike have not been met.
But airline bosses say the struggling company, burdened with an ageing fleet, is incapable of paying them.
“We lost a lot of business and confidence the last time they went on strike. We were only beginning to pick up business and confidence from travellers and they strike, it’s really unfortunate," said Air Zimbabwe chairman Jonathan Kadzura. "I would like to apologise to our travellers for the inconvenience."
"The only way forward is for them to get back to work because there is no money, that is the reality,” added Kadzura. “I do not have the money and I hope they understand and get back to work because the fact of the matter is that the airline does not have the money at the moment.”
The strike on Tuesday disrupted Air Zimbabwe domestic and regional flights, and by Wednesday it was affecting overseas travellers with the cancellation of its cash-cow flight to London.
Calistus Mpofu, whose wife and child were due to fly out of Harare for London on Wednesday evening, said she was unaware her flight was cancelled until she arrived at the airport.
“Air Zimbabwe have been unhelpful because they said the tickets were not bought directly from them. I have had to rebook my family on Ethiopian Airways at an extra cost of £1,300. As it stands, we don’t know whether Air Zimbabwe will refund us,” Mpofu, a social worker from Cardiff, told New
But Air Zimbabwe’s General Manager for Europe David Mwenga said refunds would be offered to customers who request them.
“When tickets are bought directly from Air Zimbabwe, we pay back the customers by cheque, it’s a quick process. But when a ticket is bought from a travel agent, it’s a lengthier process and we pay back the travel agent not the traveller. It's an industry practice,” Mwenga said.
“We are trying our best to keep our customers informed because as it stands, we have an open-ended strike which no-one knows when it will end.”

Apart from the Harare-London route, Air Zimbabwe services regional routes including Harare-South Africa, Harare-Zambia and Harare-Democratic Republic of Congo. Every Friday, Air Zimbabwe flies to China via Malaysia, the plane turning back and arriving in Harare on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, Vanessa Sibanda shone in Germany

Former Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, Vanessa Sibanda shone in Germany on Wednesday evening where she was crowned second runner-up for the Top Model of the World contest.

The event was held in Usedom, a Baltic Sea island on the border between Poland and Germany.
Sibanda was among the stunning top models from around the World who travelled to Germany on March 3.

Last week, she managed to showcase Zimbabwean beauty and landed into the top 16 out of 46 contestants.

She did not stop there as the 16 further competed at the Berlin Gala for the Top Model of the World title.

Loredana Salanta, a student and marketing director from Romania clinched the Miss Top Model of the World 2010 title followed by Katerina Fedosejeva, a singer from Baltic Islands who was the first runner-up.
Sibanda, who is also an emerging singer, then managed to settle for the second runner-up position.

For being the second runner-up, Sibanda walked away with a modelling contract from the World Beauty Organisation (WBO), the organisers of the event, plus cash and jewellery.

In an exclusive interview with StandardLife&Style Sibanda said she was excited about her latest achievement.

“The competition was stiff but I am grateful to God for taking me this far as I managed to be the second runner-up.

“I am very excited as this is a great achievement for me,” Sibanda said.

She added that she had always prayed for the moment when the world would appreciate the beauty and talent in Zimbabwe.

“I am happy that my prayers have been answered.

“This once happened in 1994 when Angeline Musasiwa was crowned the fourth runner-up at the Miss World contest and I am glad I have put the country on the map again.

“Every time I was on the ramp I felt like I was representing every model in my beloved Zimbabwe.”
The show, which is now in its 18th edition, is the largest Top Model pageant in the world.

The contest is open to women aged between 17 and 26 years.

Last year, Carolina Rodriguez from Bogota Colombia walked away with the crown.

Each year, the contesting models spend at least 10 days in Germany, visiting some of the popular cities and tourist destinations.

Sibanda was Miss Tourism Zimbabwe for 2009 and she did well at the Miss World contest in South Africa last year when she came out 12th.

She is currently based at a South African modelling agency.

Air Zimbabwe Pilots On Strike once again...

Harare-Zimbabwe- Air Zimbabwe pilots on Tuesday went on strike to protest against the nonpayment of their allowances.
The pilots downed tools on Tuesday morning and assembled at a car park at the national airline’s headquarters at Harare International Airport.

Informed sources told Radio VOP that the pilots had resorted to the industrial action to demand payment of their outstanding allowances, which haven’t been paid since last year despite promises by management which undertook to clear the outstanding payments.

“The airline owes us a lot. They haven’t fulfilled their pledge to pay us in full. So this is the only language that they can understand,” said a source.

The strike action resulted in the cancellation of an Air Zimbabwe flights to Johannesburg on Tuesday morning.

Air Zimbabwe board chairperson Jonathan Kadzura confirmed the strike and said the national airline had done nothing so far to avert or end the industrial action because it had no money to pay the pilots.

“It is the same old thing. Money, that I don’t have,” said Kadzura when reached for a comment by Radio VOP on Tuesday. Air Zimbabwe pilots went on strike last September demanding payment of their allowances.

Cameroon 'bank robbers' killed in speed-boat chase

At least 18 people suspected of robbing a bank in Cameroon have been killed in a gun battle as they tried to make a sea-borne escape, officials say.
Two banks were raided in the port town of Douala by gangs who made off in speed boats on Friday night.
But Maj Gen Sali Mohamadou said the security forces caught up with the gang as they approached Nigerian waters.
Gen Mohamadou would not say if any money had been stolen in the raid, or whether any was recovered.
"This is a warning to all, that anyone who dares such an act in Cameroon again will not run away - we will always catch up with them," he told state radio.
A member of the security forces also died in the shootout, he said.
Seven passers-by were killed during the bank raids, witnesses told the BBC.
Two suspected robbers were arrested.
There has been an increase in piracy off the coast of Nigeria and Cameroon in recent years.

Cameroon protest against the choice of March officials

The Referees Commission of African Football Confederation, CAF, has replaced the South African trio initially assigned to handle the Senegal vs. Cameroon March 26th game in Dakar.
The decision to replace the men was made after the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT protested.

The Cameroon Football Federation alleges that the officials from South Africa were biased against Cameroon during the Indomitable Lions campaign against Mauritius.

 The African Football Federation has assigned a Tunisian trio to handle the match which football analysts qualify as crucial.

In the meantime, Cameroonians  have been reacting to the choice of the 23 players expected begin camping in Lisbon, Portugal next Tuesday ahead of their 2012 African Cup of nations duel with Senegal.

The list published by head coach, Javier Clemente has been criticised for excluding household names in Cameroonian football like Achille Emana, Alexandre Song, Joel Matip, Jean II Makoun and Benoit Assou Ekoto.

However, the Coach has given the opportunity for the public to appreciate the performance of some home based players including Ndame Ndame, Abouna Ndzana and Joseph Momasso.

CAMAIR CO set to take off: the Dja lands in Douala

Cameroon’s national airlines Company, CAMAIR CO, is set to begin real business on the 28th of March 2011 as announced by the company’s Director General.
One week to the D-Day, the Company’s major aircraft “the Dja” was flown back to the country after repairs abroad.

The entire staff of the company was at the Douala Airport to watch “the Dja” lands in preparation for a grand take- off.

According to CAMAIRCO’s management team, one of the planes to take care of domestic flights is due to arrive Cameroon this 21st of March 2011.

The announcement was good news to many Cameroonians who have been eager to have national airline company link major cities in the country, after several years of wait.

The arrival of “the Dja” was clear indication that CAMAIRCO’s management mean business and is determined to do good business.

National sports round up!

Two Cameroonian club sides, Cotonsport of Garoua and Tiko United were involved in continental competitions over the weekend.
Cotonsport of Garoua travelled to Democratic Republic of Congo. They registered a one – nil victory against ASV football club in the Champions league.

Tiko United, on its part, suffered a 2 – 0 defeat from Sunshine FC in Nigeria in the Confederations cup.

In Football back home, the eliminatory matches for the 32nd edition of the Cameroon Cup were played across the country.

Canon of Yaounde beat Dragon of Yaounde by 4 goals to 1while Aigle of Menoua beat Cripty Football club by 3 goals to 0.

FAP Yaounde for their part beat Mayo-Rey by 2 goals to one.

In basketball, the eliminatory for the Cameroon cup final, and the basketball elite championship, took place this weekend at the Yaounde sports complex.

In the first encounter, Phoenix Ebolowa beat volcanic warriors by 81 points to 73, INJS ladies won BEAC Yaounde by 66 points to 23, while Montagnes the l’Ouest boys lost to phoenix of Douala by 70 points to 74.

In Handball, the Cameroon Handball Federation has organised a press conference in Yaounde in view of the 27th edition of the African winner’s cup championship.

The competition has been scheduled to take place in Cameroon from the 10th to the 23rd of April 2011.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is the destination of choice at the natural world wonder!

Zimbabwe’s most innovative and marvelous resort, the fabulous Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is the destination of choice at the natural world wonder of the Victoria Falls.
Just four kilometres from the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River, the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge sits high on a plateau bordering the Zambezi National Park. A complimentary shuttle service transports guests to the Victoria Falls rainforest, markets and town centre on an hourly basis throughout the day.
Winner of the Zimbabwe Institute of Architects design award on opening, the lodge is created to give the impression of an open-plan tree-house, built on seven levels rising above the gusu bushveld and offering guests views of brilliant sunsets.
The resort’s focal feature is a centrally located waterhole which attracts wildlife all year round.
Winner of the Association of Zimbabwe Travel Agents (AZTA) award for Best Safari Lodge every year since 1996, and boasting two of the country’s top restaurants, The Boma Place of Eating and the deluxe la carte restaurant MaKuwa-Kuwa, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is a Zimbabwean icon.
The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is the flagship property of the regional hospitality group, Africa Albida Tourism.
Explore South Africa or take cheap flights to Zimbabwe, Livingstone, Victoria Falls or Maputo. For booking and inquires please send us email on and visit our website or you can call by 24/7 on our telephone number +44 207 993 6219.

Japan earthquake hits Victoria Falls tourism..

Victoria Falls has experienced 100 % cancellations of tours by Japanese visitors in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami which killed thousands of people, tour operators said.
Shearwater Adventures, one of the biggest tour operators in Victoria Falls, said Asian visitors were a critical market since tourism from western countries almost dried up over the last decade.
“Events in Japan have really left a big void in our market,” said Shearwater’s public relations officer Clement Mukwasi. “In the past four days, we have been cancelling bookings from travel agents who had booked the groups. On Monday alone we were supposed to handle 50 clients.
“At the moment we cannot approximate recovery because we don’t know when exactly the citizens will be able to start travelling.”
Mukwasi said most of their Asian visitors were from Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan.
“Between now and August, the Japanese market was going to provide more clients than other markets into Zimbabwe,” he added. “We will continue to explore other markets to fill the void.”
Forward Mutero, the marketing executive at Khanondo Safaris, also said they had suffered a sharp dip in visitors from the Far East.
“Definitely, arrivals from Japan have been affected. It was an unfortunate act of God which no one could avoid and the Japanese will only start travelling after sorting out the emotional, physical and economic situation in their country,” he said.
Mutero said the inability of the Japanese people to move within their country as a result of infrastructure destruction ensured that even those who want to take a break to Africa are unable to do so.
Official figures say 6,000 people are dead or missing, but emergency services warn this may rise up to 20,000.

Ethiopian Airlines to open its third hub in Lusaka, Zambia

African aviation gigantic, Ethiopian Airlines, will soon open its third hub in Lusaka-Zambia, which will serve as a southern African regional center.

Making the announcement at the Ethiopian Airlines headquarters in Addis Ababa on Friday, chief executive officer Tewolge Gebremariam said Zambia had been selected to host the airline's regional centre owing to increased traffic demand and its geographical location.

“I am pleased to say that we plan to open our new hub in Zambia. This will be the third hub after the headquarters and another one which was opened in Lome (Togo, west Africa) last year.”

“Zambia is a major commercial destination and we recognize that we have the highest market share in your country,” he said.

Gebremariam further said the airline would this year introduce a direct flight between Lusaka and Addis Ababa without diverting to Harare.

“That plan is already underway, but we are waiting for our new 737-800 planes to arrive which will service that route,” he said. And Gebremariam announced that Ethiopian Airlines made a US $123 million in net profit last year.

He said the success recorded in 2010 had enabled the airline to add three new 777-200 Long Range (LR) Boeing aircraft to its fleet.

“We spent about US $750 million to purchase our new 777-200 LR jets. These are very successful Boeings with the main advantage of flying over 17 hours nonstop. The new jets will service the Addis Ababa - Beijing route,” Gebremariam said.

He further said Ethiopian Airlines had started the process of transforming to Ethiopian Aviation Group which shall consist of a group of companies with their respective profit centres providing passenger and cargo air transportation, aviation training, flight catering, maintenance and overhaul services.

He said this was contained in the Airline's vision 2025, which would also see passenger handling increase from the current estimation of 3 million to 18 million per year.

Meanwhile Gebremariam bemoaned the sharp increase in jet fuel prices owing to the unrest in Libya and other oil-producing countries.

“It will be very difficult for us to beat the US $123 million profit recorded last year because of the increase in jet fuel price from US $800 per barrel to US$1,110. This is mainly because of civil unrest in the Middle East and other oil-producing nations,” said Gebremariam.

Kenya Airways becomes Official Carrier of the Barclays Kenya Open 2011

Flag carrier and Pride of Africa,  Kenya Airways reaffirmed its commitment to development of sports in Kenya by announcing its partnership with Kenya Open Golf limited as the official carrier during this year’s edition of the Barclays Kenya Open, the 43rd edition of the Championship.
As the official carrier the airline will fly in all the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) officials who will be supervising and managing the tournament and will also offer discounted rates to the professional golfers and enthusiasts from various destinations to participate in the tournament at a sponsorship cost of Ksh 2.2 million.
Speaking during a media briefing Ms Nita Nagi, the Kenya Airways Area Manager confirmed that the airline had taken up the sponsorship in an effort to support the highly rated event which is key to promoting Golf Tourism in Kenya.
The tournament is expected to attract at least 150 professionals, scheduled to take place from March 31st to April 3rd at the Muthaiga Golf Club. The event continues to be a showcase of top flight international golf and attracts approximately 100 players from the European Tour, and 50 from within Africa.
Ms. Nagi also took the opportunity to appraise the media and golfing fraternity of the success of the KQ Golf Safari which concludes few days before the Barclays Kenya Open on the 26th March at Muthaiga Golf Club.
Over 200 golfers are expected to play at the KQ Golf Safari finale which has been played in 10 African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Douala-Cameroon, Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Malawi. In Kenya 12 qualifying rounds were held in various Golf club nights. 20 KQ Golf Safari country winners and the club night winners will join other KQ invited guests for the Grand Finale of the KQ Golf Safari2011.
Ms Nagi also announced that Kenya Airways had organized for the winners from all the countries that participated in the KQ Golf Safari series to participate in the Barclays Kenya Open Pro-am for the first time since the series began two years ago. She noted that Kenya Airways had identified sports tourism as a key area of growth and in particular golfing holidays and tourism since Kenya as a country has very many and beautiful golf courses.
“Globally, golf tourism earns 26 billion dollars annually and Kenya stands a good chance to get a slice of the pie,” she said adding that the airline would seek to work closely with partners in golfing events and the government to bring this dream to reality.
“Last year we saw the launch of the Kenya Golf Marketing Alliance to develop a golf marketing strategy that will enable the country organize world class golf events and the Kenya Open Championship joins the ranks of these formidable tourism attractions,” she said. This is the reason Kenya Airways decided to host all the winners from the KQ Golf Safari series to play in Barclays Kenya Open.
On receiving Kenya Airways sponsorship package, Mr S.R Ndegwa, Director KOGL said, “We are delighted with this partnership of Kenya Airways as the official airline to the 43rd Barclays Kenya Open golf championship.  The Golf tournament is an international championship attracting top golfers from Europe and across Africa making it the biggest international golf tournament in the region and this presents KQ with a platform to build strong relationships with golfers from across the world.”

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Start you Career with Virgin Atlantic:: 450 New Jobs at Virgin Atlantic!

As a result of its increased fleet and departures Virgin Atlantic will see the creation of 450 new jobs, further proof of the airline’s good year of recovery.
As the airline this spring introduces its Manchester Airport to Las Vegas route, and it increases its flights to the Caribbean and Accra-Ghana, an additional 350 cabin crew positions will be created, as will 50 pilot positions, and another 50 positions in the company’s head office, some of which will be based at some UK airports.

Cameroon suspends Mobile Twitter for 'security reasons'

Douala-Cameroon's government has asked a cell phone service provider to suspend its mobile Twitter service for "security reasons," an activist at a media watchdog said Tuesday.
MTN Cameroon, one of the country's three cell service providers, shut down access to the micro-blogging site after receiving a request from the government, the Committee to Protect Journalists' Mohamed Keita wrote on the organisation's web site, citing a Tweet by an MTN marketing manager.
"For security reasons, the government of Cameroon requests the suspension of the Twitter SMS integration on the network," the marketing manager, Bouba Kaele, reportedly wrote in the Tweet, which was later deleted.
A subscriber to MTN Cameroon's mobile Twitter service told AFP the company had sent clients a message announcing the suspension, citing "reasons beyond (its) control."
The shut-down comes as President Paul Biya, in power since 1982, confronts calls for an uprising against him circulated via Internet and text messages over the past several weeks.
Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma, who is also the communication minister, told AFP he did not have "perfect knowledge of the situation" surrounding MTN's Twitter suspension.
But, he added, "I remind you of one thing: it is the government's responsibility to protect the nation."
South Africa-based MTN launched its mobile Twitter service in Cameroon in November. Some 50 subscribers used the service, according to local blogs and web sites. Twitter is still accessible in Cameroon via Internet.
The government has grown increasingly wary of the role Twitter and other social networks could play in sparking an Egypt- or Tunisia-style uprising, said the director of a local non-government organisation, speaking on condition of anonymity.
"The Cameroonian government dreads more and more the use of social networks to issue calls for resistance" against Biya's regime, she told AFP, adding that authorities have already issued warnings to MTN Cameroon and Orange-Cameroon, another provider.
Tchiroma said the communication and post and telecommunications ministries had called telecom companies to a meeting last week for a "dialogue with communicators," and planned to hold similar meetings with the country's bloggers, web site editors and TV and radio broadcasters.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) is planning to start charging an airport departure tax

The Civil Aviation Authority of  Zimbabwe (CAAZ) is planning to start charging an airport departure tax for both domestic and international passengers. The CAAZ said it has received authority from the country’s Ministry of Transport, Communication & Infrastructural Development to start changing US$30 for all international passengers and US$10 for domestic passengers, effective 1 April 2011. The tax will be collected at airport payment offices.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ethiopian Airlines Cargo has won the African Cargo Airline of the Year Award for 2011.

The award, organised by the STAT Trade Times, was awarded at the Air Cargo Africa 2011 Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya, on February 24, 201, according to a press release published by the airline.

ET was nominated worldwide by readers of the STAT Trade Times, a monthly publication dedicated to covering the aviation, tourism, shipping, and transport industries, globally.

Ethiopian Airlines has won different prizes, including the NEPAD Transport Infrastructure Excellence Award from the African Airlines Association, in 2009, and the Corporate Achievement Award of Aviation & Allied Business, in 2008, for setting the pace in the development and growth of the African aviation industry. In the same year, it also won the Brussels Airport Company Award for the introduction of new routes and products as well as close cooperation with Brussels Airport in marketing activities.

ET made its maiden flight to Cairo 60 years ago and now flies to more than 39 cities in Africa, and a total of 60 worldwide.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Plans to enlarge Victoria Falls International airport !

Government is negotiating a deal with China Exim Bank that will see the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) getting funding to embark on the expansion of Victoria Falls International Airport before the end of the year.
 The move by CAAZ to embark on an expansion and refurbishment of the country`s airports which is currently under way, is expected to see the newly-refurbished facilities increase their passenger handling capacities, as well as handling bigger and wide-bodied aircrafts such as the Boeing 777 and Airbus A340.
 Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe General Manager, Mr. David Chawota, said once funding has been unveiled, his organization will immediately start the expansion project, adding that the Civil Aviation Authority will be completing the taxiway and runway at Harare International Airport in April and December respectively, while Joshua Mqabuko International Airport in Bulawayo will be operational by Independence Day next month.
 Victoria Falls International Airport mainly handles commercial flights operated on Boeing 737 and smaller aircrafts by Air Namibia, the national Air Zimbabwe, British Airways–Comair and South African Airways.

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1Time sells 70million shares to black economic empowerment BEE

Low-priced airline 1Time has sold 70 million shares to a black economic empowerment (BEE) consortium headed by its chairman, Sipho Twala, and plans to use the equity capital of R49 million to grow the airline and its maintenance and charter business.
Glenn Orsmond, the 1Time group chief executive, said the funding would “give impetus to our growth plans for the airline by introducing new routes into Africa, as well as facilitate the growth of the airline maintenance business”.
1Time was looking for opportunities anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa and hoped to form partnerships with local airlines. Its competitiveness would be increased by being able to fly from Lanseria Airport, as well as from OR Tambo International Airport. Until now rival has had exclusive use of Lanseria.
Twala said 1Time hoped to obtain air traffic rights to flights to Victoria falls, Zimbabwe and to Lusaka in Zambia in addition to its route to Livingstone on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. It would also like to fly to Lubumbashi and Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The members of the BEE consortium have experience in the aviation or travel business.
In addition to Twala, Busiwe Magongo, the managing director of Mtha Aviation, has been appointed an executive director of 1Time Holdings. Blacky Komani, the chairman of Mtha Aviation, will serve as a non-executive director.
1Time shares fell 5.71 percent to close at 66c yesterday, while the JSE’s travel and leisure sector rose 0.06 percent. - Audrey D’Angelo

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) still pay to soccer stars

The 2010 Premier Soccer League (PSL) soccer stars of the year are still to receive their prize money from the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) more than a month after the awards banquet.
The banquet, initially scheduled for December, was eventually held in January as the organizers hunted for financial support to hold the function. The corporate world was shunning the event over controversies in the selection process.
Soccer Star of the Year Charles Sibanda was promised US$3 000 by ZTA chief executive officer, Karikoga Kaseke on the night, while his first and second runner-ups Joel Ngodzo and Benjamin Marere are still awaiting their promised US$ 2000 and US$ 1000 respectively.
The other eight finalists were promised US$ 500 each, with all 11 set for a holiday at Great Zimbabwe monuments.
However since the day the promises were made in front of guest of honour, Zambian soccer legend Kalusha Bwalya, the players have neither heard from ZTA nor the Sports Writers Association of Zimbabwe (Swaz), the custodians of the event.
ZTA spokesman Sugar Chagonda - who was also present at the event - confirmed that they were yet to pay the players saying that his organisation was awaiting communication from Swaz.
"We are supposed to meet Swaz to arrange a date that we can hand over the money to the players," said Chagonda. "We will wait for Swaz to advise us on the next step; it is their event so we follow what they say."
ZTA came on board at the last minute to save a potentially embarrassing scenario after Kalusha Bwalya had confirmed his presence at the banquet yet there was no money to bankroll the event.

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, Malaika Mushandu, in Germany!

Miss Zimbabwe, Malaika Mushandu left for Germany on Monday to attend the International Tourism Base (ITB) together with local tourism officials.

Also on the trip is Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, Rumbidzayi Mudzengerere, and the models are expected to showcase and market the country’s tourism activities and destinations to try and lure tourists to visit the country.

Mushandu said it was her first time to tour Germany and she was looking forward to marketing the country in a way that would bring results.

“This international tour is a great privilege for me to represent my country. I want to get there and advertise our country on areas I feel have been under advertised or been wrongly publicised,” said Mushandu.

Mudzengerere said she was also excited about the tour as she was looking forward to getting a feel of the outside world and exchange notes with different people.

“I want to learn more about other people’s countries and cultures and teach them about our country and invite them to come to Zimbabwe,” said Mudzengerere.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) public relations and corporate communications manager, Sugar Chagonda said this was a platform for the girls to be ambassadors of the country and also showcase Zimbabwe’s beauty.

The models have a tight schedule this month and this has seen the Miss Zimbabwe prize giving ceremony which was meant to be held on March 17 being moved to a later date.

“The girls who are meant to be crowned will not be present on the 17th as they have a series of events.
They also have to tour Malawi where they have been invited to attend a Miss Malawi event so we decided to move the event to a later date,” said Chagonda.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Africa Travel Association (ATA) Unveils program and presenting sponsors for 2011 US-Africa Tourism Seminar

The Africa Travel Association (ATA) will host the Fourth Annual U.S.-Africa Seminar on Tourism, with South African Airways (SAA) as the presenting sponsor.
As a longtime member and supporter of ATA, SAA has participated in the U.S.-Africa Tourism Seminar since 2006, when it was first launched.
Since then, ATA’s U.S.-Africa Tourism Seminar has become a leading platform for bringing together leaders and professionals from the tourism industry. The 2011 event includes travel agents and tour operators who market, sell and specialize in Africa travel; media and participants from the non-profit and academic sectors – all convening to explore industry opportunities and challenges, and to develop business partnerships. Representatives will attend from more than twenty African countries, including Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, The Gambia, Lesotho, Lib! ya, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Togo, Sudan and Uganda. Tourism board representatives from Egypt, Senegal, Tanzania and Zambia will also attend.
Ambassador Amina Ali, African Union Permanent Representative to the USA, and William Fitzgerald, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the Bureau of African Affairs, will deliver the keynote addresses at the opening plenary session. The session will frame the agenda for the day, identifying how the African Union and the US Administration can collaborate with the travel trade industry to promote Africa’s economic growth.
The 2011 event, organized in cooperation with the African Union and Washington Travel & Adventure Show, kicks off with an evening networking reception on Thursday, March 10th at the Embassy of Zambia, followed by a day of tourism and Africa specialist-led workshops and strategy sessions at the Convention Center on Friday, March 11, 2011. A full schedule is available here.
Presenting sponsor South African Airways will host a media briefing during lunch from 12:30–1:30 pm on Friday, March 11, 2011. The airline will update attendees on its latest news, including route changes and enhanced partnerships. Media must pre-register on-line or directly with ATA before March 8, 2011 to attend the briefing.
The following are among those who have confirmed their attendance at the 2011 seminar: Edward Bergman (Africa Travel Association), Ambassador Alieu Momodou Ngum (The Gambia), John Golicz (UNICOMM, Washington DC, Travel & Adventure Show), Dr. Ada Adler (Bureau for African Affairs, US Department of State), Dr. Hannah R. Messerli (Africa Region, World Bank), Karen Hoffman (The Bradford Group, Tanzania Tourist Board USA), Richard Bangs (Sobek Expeditions), Deborah Traussi (SITA World Tours), Constantine Venetopoulos (Variety Cruises), Scott Wayne (Sustainable Development through Tourism), Gregg Truman (South African Airways), Kagnew F. Asfaw (Ethiopian Airlines, USA), Achma Asokan (Group Systems America), Robert Brunner (Arik Air), Deirdre White (CDC Development Solutions), George Cooley (Destination DC), El Hadji Aziz Gueye (Senegal Tourist Authority), ElSayed Khalifa (Egyptian Tourist Authority), Margaret Makungo (Zambia Tourism Board), Jorge Eduardo Castillo (P! assport Health), Danny BenDebba (DAASN), Shane Ostrowski (Reach Local Inc.), Diego J. Lofeudo (Expedia Travel), Ron Erdmann (Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, International Trade Administration), Doris Wooten (Africa-Tour-Rific), Steve Richer (National Tour Association), David Parry (Academic Travel Abroad & Chair of the American Tourism Society), Obiageli Ezekwesili (Africa Region, World Bank).
Additional seminar sponsors include the Tanzania Tourist Board and Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority; the ATA Mid-Atlantic Chapter; the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, Liaison with the Private Sector and Small Businesses, Republic of Senegal; South African Tourism (SAT); the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia; Afrique Expansion; Howard University African Business Club; and CDC Development Solutions.

Air Nigeria Introduces N6,000 fare on Kano, Owerri and Benin!

Air Nigeria has introduced an exciting advanced purchase fare of N6,000. The fare which is available to passengers travelling between Abuja and Kano, Lagos and Owerri as well as Lagos and Benin routes, delivers outstanding value to the airlines teeming customers.
With the introduction of this superb offer, passengers travelling on the selected routes will be able to fly for as low as N6,000 when they make advance bookings, online or at any Air Nigeria sales office, at least 14 days before intended date of travel.
The introduction of the special fare is part of Air Nigeria’s commitment to make air travel affordable to the traveling public.
Air Nigeria is continuously in search of new avenues to offer various forms of incentives in order to promote seamless travel options in Nigeria, especially as air travel remains the fastest and safest way to travel across the world. The airline has built a strong and effective route network that offers ease of connections cutting across domestic and regional routes.
The fares are already available and terms and conditions apply.
Air Nigeria is one of the fastest growing airlines in West Africa. From its operational base at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos, Air Nigeria currently operates to Benin City, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Sokoto and Enugu on the domestic routes while it also operates to Brazzaville, Accra, Douala, Dakar, Monrovia, Cotonou, Banjul, Libreville and Abidjan with further plans to extend services to more African destinations, Europe, Asia and America.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cameroon based Camair-Co airlines inaugral flights on march 28, 2011

Yaounde, Cameroon, - The new Cameroon based Camair-Co airlines, which will start operation by 28th of March, 2011, from Yaoundé via Douala to Paris, the new airline. Two aircraft that will operate with 'the Camair Co: a Boeing 767-300 ER, inherited from the disastrous Cameroon Airlines, and a second-hand Boeing 737-700. By May, the fleet will be reinforced by two other planes. With a staff of 330 employees, including 24 pilots, will Camair Co 'flights to two cities' of northern Cameroon (Maroua and Garoua) and the Chadian capital, Ndjamena, the only foreign destination. Qualified sources have indicated that 'short' the company will 'be able to enable flights to Benin, Congo Brazzaville, Côte d'Ivoire, Gaborone, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Dubai and China.

Egypt U-20 prepare in UAE for African Championship!

The Egyptian under-20 national team will travel to the United Arab Emirates on Thursday to launch their closed camp training in preparation for the African Championship.
Egypt will take part in the African under-20 championship that was scheduled to be played in Libya from 18 March to 1 April, but which is now in doubt, given the protests that have swept Libyan cities.
The Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) is close to holding a meeting to make a final decision on naming a country to replace Libya in hosting the tournament.
Earlier this month, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Algeria declared their interest in hosting the African U-20 Championship and are on stand-by waiting for the CAF decision.
The U-20 national team coach, Diyaa El-Sayed, declared that the team will play friendlies against Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Douala, Cameroon on 9, 12 and 14 March respectively.
“We will play three friendlies ... during the Emirates camp to [assess] the players fitness for the African Championship,” El-Sayed told Reuters.