Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ethiopian Airlines partners Air Nigeria to Boost Traveling in africa!

In November 2010 Air Nigeria entered into a mutually beneficial codeshare partnership with Ethiopian Airlines. The activation of this codeshare takes effect from today February 22nd 2011.
This partnership between Air Nigeria and Ethiopian Airlines will bring seamless onward connections to Addis Ababa and beyond for Air Nigeria customers and easy connections for ET customers to West and Central African destinations on Air Nigeria. From today 22nd February, customers would be able to purchase their Lagos – Addis Ababa and Addis Ababa – Lagos sectors with Air Nigeria using flight numbers VK1501 and VK1500 respectively.
The codeshare which is now fully operational makes it possible for passengers to access the benefit of the route network of both carriers, giving them access to 15 destinations on the Air Nigeria network and more than 50 destinations on the Ethiopian Airline network.
Air Nigeria understands the impact that convenient air service has on business development and the activation of the codeshare with Ethiopian Airlines will further help to boost trade ties within the African continent. This codeshare is coming on the heels of an existing Technical Agreement between both partners, which provides Air Nigeria with technical support and training. This partnership demonstrates what the future holds for the African aviation industry, when well established African carriers leverage their strengths in mutually beneficial partnerships.
It is worthy of note that Air Nigeria also has an existing and functional codeshare agreement with Kenya Airways to Nairobi, and is in advanced discussions with Delta Airlines regarding a codeshare partnership between Nigeria and the USA.
Air Nigeria is one of the fastest growing airlines in West Africa. From its operational base at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos, Air Nigeria currently operates to Benin City, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Sokoto and Enugu on the domestic routes while it also operates to Brazzaville, Accra, Douala, Dakar, Monrovia, Cotonou, Banjul, Libreville and Abidjan with further plans to extend services to more African destinations, Europe, Asia and America.

Revolution of Egypt: Travel when you have the chance!

The revolution in Egypt has many lessons for geopolitics. For travelers, it's to go when you have the chance.
Revolutions don't wait for your retirement trip or the "gap year" between college and work. World heritage sites and natural wonders lie within the borders of corrupt police states and benign democracies alike.
In the best of times, whether we choose to travel some place is a matter of conscience. When uprisings like those sweeping North Africa occur, the choice is made for us. A door to part of the world closes, at least for a while.
Maybe things will calm down in Egypt and the throngs will be back at the pyramids by autumn. Or maybe the 160,000 foreigners who fled the country in panic might be the last tourists into Cairo for a long time.
"Are we witnessing Tehran 1979 or Berlin 1989?" Roger Cohen wrote in The New York Times. Repression or liberation?
Travel is just a small piece of that question, but for millions of people in Egypt and around the world, it's an important piece.
This has all played out before. Countries and regions rise and fall off the tourist map. The killing fields of Cambodia are now fertile with tourists. The onetime hippie backpacker haven of Afghanistan is a war zone. South Africa was good to go after apartheid ended. The "naughty but fun" border towns of Mexico are ravaged by drug violence.
I have been around for a while. Let's just say I'm very late Eisenhower administration vintage. I've seen the State Department's "go/don't go" travel-advisory list flip many times.
I had a high-school friend who spent a summer in the late 1970s in Tehran, Iran, as part of an American Field Service exchange. I doubt there are many American parents who would let their children go unaccompanied to Iran today. Yugoslavia was a hot spot in the Cold War, a communist country not under Moscow's thumb. Then the Cold War ended, and the region ripped apart in civil wars. But today the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and the Swiss-like scenery of Slovenia are bringing visitors back.
Tour groups tolerated dictators in Zimbabwe and Myanmar until their grip slipped a bit and their lands seemed too out of control for the tour buses headed to Victoria Falls or cruising the Irrawaddy River.
Tanzania and Kenya were safari hot spots that cooled markedly when they were hit with terrorist bombs a few years ago. Now they have come back as curiosity over seeing lions and elephants outstrips fears of an al-Qaida affiliate bombing.
One thing I have learned is overall, the trend has been for the better. Look at all the places that were off-limits that are now open to visitors. I visited a divided Berlin, bleak and gray in 1989. A year later, it was on the mend. There is an east Berlin and a west Berlin, but no longer an East Berlin and West Berlin.
Moscow, Beijing, Hanoi and Phnom Penh went the capitalist route, if not enacting parallel democratic reforms. Prague and Budapest were Warsaw Pact stars that stepped from behind the Iron Curtain. Even Havana, though officially off-limits, teems with Americans who find ways around the porous travel restrictions. Short of Pyongyang in North Korea, "red" is dead when it comes to tourism.
Communism's fall in Europe was paralleled by the ouster of the generals in South America. Argentina and Chile shed decades of repression to open their cities and mountains to tourists from around the world. Civil war in Nicaragua and El Salvador cooled and now surfers and other adventurers head there. Colombia, once the world's great narco-state, is still iffy, but Cartagena welcomes cruise ships. Northern Ireland mostly put aside its "troubles" and turned in its guns, finding a stable peace — at least for now — between Catholics and Protestants.
The lesson to be learned in all this is to go to all the places I listed as soon as you can. Because times change. Will Moscow still be friendly to the West in a decade? What about Jordan, with the great dwellings at Petra?
Egypt has been on my travel "to-do" list. But it always seemed there would be a better time somewhere in the future for my first visit. Now, like everyone, I will have to reset the clock and wait to see what emerges.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Travelport and Kenya Airways sign extended distributor agreement!

Travelport, the business services provider to the global travel industry, and Kenya Airways have today jointly announced that their successful 10 year partnership is set to continue following the signing of a new GDS distributor agreement.
Through the new agreement, Kenya Airways will continue to distribute the Galileo GDS and other innovative Travelport technology to travel agents in Kenya for the next five years. As a result of the even closer working relationship with Travelport, Galileo Kenya will rebrand to Travelport Kenya emphasising the marketing investment in the region. The news of the extended distributor agreement follows a previous joint announcement made late last year of a new full content agreement between Travelport and Kenya Airways.
“Our long term partnership with Kenya Airways over the past 10 years has been very productive and they have proved themselves to be a very solid distributor of the Galileo platform in this market – something they have achieved through their very strong trade relationships. We’re delighted to be announcing this renewed agreement today and it very much forms part of our ongoing strategy to invest in Africa and deliver leading technology to the travel industry.” said Mark Meehan, managing director for Travelport in Africa.
Titus Naikuni, Kenya Airways group managing director said: “The extension of our agreement with Travelport reaffirms our commitment to the Kenyan travel trade to provide access to world class travel distribution technology. Galileo is absolutely the GDS of choice amongst travel agents and we’re very excited by their reciprocal commitment to this market and the plans they have for the year. ”

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Qatar Airways suspends Tripoli flights as uprising spreads

Qatar Airways has suspended scheduled flights to Tripoli as civil unrest continues to engulf the North African state, it said Thursday.
“Due to the political unrest in Libya, Qatar Airways’ flights to and from the Libyan capital Tripoli have been suspended until further notice,” the Doha-based airline said in a statement.
Dubai’s Emirates Airline, Royal Jordanian, British Airways and others suspended flights to the capital city Tripoli with immediate effect on Tuesday.
Emirates, one of the Arab world's largest carriers, also flies to the Libyan city of Benghazi, but has not confirmed whether flights will continue.
Governments around the world have rushed to send planes and ships to evacuate their citizens after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi vowed to crush a revolt against his 41-year rule.
Turkey, with 25,000 citizens in Libya, is mounting the biggest evacuation operation in its history, and 21 other governments have asked Ankara for help getting their nationals out, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told a news conference.
European Union states are evacuating some 10,000 EU citizens from Libya, a spokesman for the EU executive said during a European Commission news briefing.
The US State Department said a chartered ferry with room for about 600 passengers was due to leave Tripoli for Malta.
Witnesses described scenes of chaos and panic as foreigners tried to escape the violence. Italy said estimates that 1,000 people had been killed in the uprising were credible.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Explore Cameroon and Visit Best Places!

ca12.jpegCameroon is an African destination. It has history, culture and a perfect example of landscapes that could place it nowhere else but Africa. It is also relatively peaceful and unscarred by the regional propensity for horror. Although politically rigid, it is not a dictatorship, and although a little sharp, it is nowhere near as corrupt as its neighbors. The best places to visit in Cameroon are:

Waza National Park:
The Waza National Park is Cameroon's most famous national park. The park is open to visitors from 15 November to 15 June. A guide is compulsory in each vehicle that enters the park. While there is no accommodation in the park, visitors can camp near the entrance, or at the tiny village of Waza, north of the park entrance. Access to the park itself might be tricky. However, visitors get a chance to observe various animals like the elephant, giraffe, ostrich, antelope, gazelle and lion. Moreover, there are a variety of birds to be observed. Lions are best observed during April.
Yaounde is a city of seven hills, cut by valleys and found almost at the center of Cameroon. Yaounde was inhabited in the prehistoric times .Tools and shaped stones dating 600 thousand years were found there. In 1889, the German built a military post on that site. In 1909, Yaounde became the capital of the country under German colonization. Yaounde was originally inhabited by the Beti, more specifically by the Ewondos, the autochthons of the place. Today, it has a multinational population.
Douala is situated on the Wouri River, 24km (15 miles) from the sea, is the largest city of Cameroon. It is sometimes called Armpit of Africa and we have to admit it is a sweaty place. It lacks major sights, but the Akwa district is lively enough and has quite some good African restaurants. Douala is not the capital of Cameroon, but the most significant city by its population, and by its economic role. The chief commercial centre, Douala has an airport and extensive docks, and is a terminus for two railway lines extending into the interior. Industries include the manufacture of aluminum products, beer, soft drinks, textiles, and the processing of timber and cacao beans. Douala's port handles some 95 percent of the country's maritime traffic, and is second only to Kinshasa as Central Africa's largest city. Douala is divided into quarters or quarters: Akwa is the center of the city and the place where you will be spending most of your time, the Stand Municipal Artisanal, and Banajo the administrative district.

The Benoue National Park:
The Benoue National Park is located between Ngaoundere and Garoua and is the country's second best game reserve. The park is open from December to May - the best time to go is from January onwards, especially early in the morning. A guide in the park is compulsory.

The falls of Ekom:
With approximately 30 kilometers of Nkongsamba, on the road of the West, between Nkongsamba and Melong, one takes a track of 11 kilometers which leads to the village of Ekom where one can see very beautiful falls. Nkam which makes the border between the provinces of the Littoral and the West throws a height of 80 Mr.
The falls of Ekom were used as decoration with the Greystoke film with Christophe Lambert.

Sangmlima is a city of Cameroun on the river Lobo, chief town of the department of Dja-and-Lobo in the province of the South.  The principal ethnos group is the Bulu ethnos group, resulting from the Fang ethnos group. Cameroonian president Paul Biya is itself Bulu, of a village close to Sangmlima, Mvomeka' A.  The reserve of Biosphere of Dja is a natural park of 5.260 km which borders is city and which is registered with the world heritage of humanity since 1984. UNESCO indicated it like one of largest and of protected best from the primary forests of Africa, with 90% of its not yet violated surface. There are also vast forest zones in the south of the city.

When to Visit:
In general the best months to visit are the winter months between November and February, although it is also during that time that the Harmattan haze may periodically obscure the landscape.

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British Airways launches new Tokyo service!

British Airways yesterday (20 February) introduced a new service linking Tokyo Haneda airport to London Heathrow.

The airline is offering five weekly flights on the route, which complements its existing service to Narita airport in Japan's capital city.

BA's oneworld alliance partner American Airlines also expanded its presence in the Far East with the launch of a new service linking Tokyo Haneda to New York JFK.

Both inaugural services departed within minutes of one another yesterday morning.

Another oneworld carrier, Japan Airlines, has been operating flights from Tokyo Haneda to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris since October last year.

Speaking yesterday, Jamie Cassidy, BA's general manager in the Asia Pacific region, said: 'Today is a historic day for British Airways as we start our new route from Haneda, which complements our existing service from Narita.

'The start of this route allows us to offer our customers greater choice and flexibility. We are proud to be the only carrier operating from Haneda direct to the UK.'

He went on to say that the new service demonstrates BA's commitment to Japan and represents a step forward in its relationship with Japan Airlines.

Monday, February 21, 2011

SADC think about single, comprehensive tourist destination

Natural Resources and Tourism minister Ezekiel Maige is scheduled to launch the 45th Regional Tourism Organization of Southern Africa (Retosa) board of directors meeting in Arusha on February 28.
Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) marketing director Amant Macha told The Guardian in an interview recently that the meeting, expected to end on March 2, would address issues affecting tourism in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region.
During the event, more than 40 representatives from SADC countries will get the opportunity to experience Tanzania’s tourism products, including visiting Ngorongoro Crater and other tourist attractions.
“As you know, Tanzania has many unique tourist offerings such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria and Arusha National Park,” said Macha.
The official said, his board and the ministry 'are proud' to share the tourist attractions with colleagues and friends from the SADC member countries.
Giving more details, Macha said, the meetings aims to investment opportunities and partnerships for developing the sector, particularly devising a joint marketing strategy for creating a multi-faceted, but single tourism destination.
The meeting will also discuss on creating a communication platform for member states and the target audience in order to enhance the region’s tourism and tourist confluence, including developing tourist attractions, changing perceptions towards the sector and promoting the region as a single, but multi-faceted destination.
Managed by representatives from national tourism authorities and private sector umbrella bodies in the SADC, Retosa aims to turn tourism into a major economic driver for the region.
“Based in Midrad, Gauteng, South Africa, the body markets and promotes tourism in Southern Africa in close cooperation with the region’s national tourist organizations and the private sector. Its strategic objectives include increasing the volumes of inbound tourism and the creation of investment awareness for tourism development in the region, he said.
Meanwhile, Retosa executive director Francis Mfune said Retosa board meetings were being held in a different member country each time to give host countries an opportunity to showcase unique attractions and promote inter-regional relationships, experience and knowledge.
He said, the more countries and people know of each other’s tourism products and heritages the better they are able to promote each other, which ultimately would lead to improved tourism across member countries.
“As I speak to you, members of the Retosa board of directors, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, including Tanzania Tourist Board, are coordinators of the preparations for hosting the meeting in Arusha.
Retosa is the SADC body responsible for the promotion and marketing of tourism in member countries - Tanzania, Seychelles, Madagascar, South Africa, Angola, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, DRC-Congo, Lesotho, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius.
The board meeting in Tanzania will be preceded by a technical meeting comprising of directors of tourism and chief executives of national tourism organizations charged with the development and promotion of tourism.
According to Macha, the Retosa meeting would be host jointly by his authority, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, Tanzania National Parks, and Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.
Retosa chairman and Zimbabwe Tourism and Hospitality Industry permanent secretary Dr Sylvester Maunganidze said in remarks ahead of the meeting, international sentiments towards Southern Africa was at its highest in many years following the successful hosting of the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa and should be explored to capacity.
“The region proved that it was politically and financially stable while offering a unique and diverse tourism spectrum,” he said, noting that the influx of internationals also highlighted the urgency to simplify tourist travel across member countries.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arik Air joins BSP for Nigeria, Ghana

Arik Air may have begun moves to compete favorably with major airlines in the world, having joined the Billing Settlement Plan, BSP, for Nigeria and Ghana, of the International Air Transport Association, IATA.
Aside from giving the airline access to all IATA accredited agents to sell Arik Air’s tickets through their outlets, the BSP is also expected to fast-track the airline’s efforts at integrating into one of the world’s airline alliances for purposes of creating the desired connections for passengers.
Apart from normal ticketing, passengers could also buy other facilities and services of Arik Air which include upgrade to a higher class, excess baggage tickets, airport lounge facility through any IATA accredited travel agents.
Arik Air’s Senior Vice President Commercial, Mr. Kevin Steele, said of the development: “We are committed to delivering the best available facilities and services to our customers in a quick and effective way; through BSP we are coming closer to the passenger community.”
Speaking in a similar vein, Arik Air’s Vice President, Sales and Distribution, Mr. John Brayford, said with this new system, more than 500 travel agents would be able to sell Arik Air’s products and services through their outlets in Nigeria, while agents selling Arik Air’s tickets in  Accra, Ghana will increase to 85 from the current single digit.
“We are delighted to become a member of BSP and hope to build strong business relationships with our travel agency colleagues and their customers in the future.
“This is just one of several initiatives we will roll out during 2011 designed to improve service to our customers,” Brayford said.
BSP is a system designed to facilitate and simplify the selling, reporting and remitting procedures of IATA Accredited Passenger Sales Agents, as well as improve financial control and cash flow for BSP Airlines.

Arik Air all set for expanding flights to West African connections!

Nigerian carrier Arik Air is set for a huge expansion of West African regional routes connecting into its hub at Lagos next month.
The carrier has been operating a daily Heathrow-Lagos service since 2008 and started regional West African flights to Ghana the same year.
It now serves six West African destinations outside Nigeria, but from the end of March that is set to more than double as up to new regional routes could be added.
The West Africa destinations under consideration are Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, Malabo in Equitorial Guinea, Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, Libreville in Gabon, Douala in Cameroon, Bamako in Mali, Abidjan in Ivory Coast, Conakry in Guinea and Luanda in Angola.

Luanda is the only destination served by a direct flight from the UK and Arik Air will offer an alternative to transferring via Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels for the others.

UK sales manager Simon Cook said business travellers would be the key target market as many of the destinations were in countries were oil and other industries were developing. However there could also be a significant friends and relatives market.

Arik Air operates the Heathrow-Lagos route with a A340-500 including a Business First cabin with 36 lie-flat seats as well as a bar and lounge area. It claims the long-haul service is comparable or better to BA or Virgin Atlantic. The domestic flights will use 737-800s.

Cook said the airline still had to increase awareness in the UK market but passengers numbers on the Heathrow-Lagos route were rising as customers saw the product and realised Arik Air was using more modern aircraft than competitors on the route.

Arik Air is also looking at adding a Lagos-Houston route as well as services to Istanbul and Jeddah from its other hub in Abuja.

Cameroon A’ : Valentine Atem soon in South Africa

The first quoted resumed training last Tuesday but with little chance of integrating the competition, the second is struggling to recover and the situation goes from bad to worse. A member of the team medical staff said that a closer examination revealed that Atem is suffering from a serious right knee injury. To save the career of the young player, the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fécafoot) sent to Sudan, the head of its medical committee, Dr. Tamo Moktomo Philémon. The latter will travel to South Africa with Atem next Monday for a specialised hospital." We hope there, he will receive the appropriate care to allow him to return to the playing field", Dr Ngallé  Mbonjo head of the medical staff of Lions A ' said. Fécafoot would have spent ten million FCFA for the medical evacuation. 
The lions start today the preparation of the quarterfinals planned for this Saturday against the Palancas Negras Angola. In the evening, they will watch a video record about the Angolan game. 
After Malian and Ugandan delegations left, Cameroon shares now the premises of Regency Hôtel with the Eagles of Carthage (Tunisia) and the Mena (Niger). During the first round, only Côte d’Ivoire did not share their hotel. Others were compelled to live together with their opponents. It was the case of the Indomitable Lions in the same hotel with the Eagles of Mali.

An excellent travel companion By Paul Murray

Let’s face it: when you think of Zimbabwe you don’t think of a cheerful tourist paradise or of sipping cocktails while admiring the sun go down over Victoria Falls. No, when you think of Zimbabwe you think of more sinister images: famine, bloody forced removals and, of course, Bob Mugabe.
This is what makes Paul Murray’s offering so special: it turns these perceptions on their heads. Beginning with an apology for not being as detailed as other Bradt guides because of the political unrest and the author’s unwillingness to compromise on the safety of himself and his crew and peppered with interesting tit-bits like the fact that it is illegal to wear clothes with a camouflage print, it is a well-researched guide with the passion of the author coming through on every page.
It touches on other attractions the country has to offer aside from Victoria Falls, Matobo National park and Lake Kariba.
What also make this guide a good investment is its use of the explanation of the country’s history to shed light on its current situation.
All in all, it’s insightful and practical and would be an excellent companion on any road trip north. – Daily News

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kenya Airways says plans to raise capital!

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya Airways plans to raise capital to pay for its expansion, the airline said on Thursday without saying how much it would raise or how.
Analysts said the company was under pressure to raise cash to pay for a higher wage bill and fuel.
Shares in the company, one of the leading carriers in Africa, hit a 13-month low of 40.25 on Tuesday and again on Thursday as rising oil prices unsettled investors, traders said.
"Kenya Airways today announced its intentions to raise capital to finance its strategic future growth and expansion plans," the airline said in a statement.
The company said CFC Stanbic Bank would act as financial adviser. No details were given on whether the airline would target a bond or a rights issue of new stock.
Some analysts said the carrier's aggressive expansion into new African routes could unnerve some investors.
"The airline industry is a cost-intensive industry and expansion means that KQ's (Kenya Airways) capital reserves are under pressure as they will need more planes, an increased wage bill and fuel costs," said Samuel Gichohi, a senior analyst at NIC Securities.
The airline said last November its revenue rose to 41.21 billion shillings in the first half to end-September from 33.5 billion a year earlier, resulting in a pretax profit of 2.05 billion shillings.
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Ethiopian Airlines pilot was alerted of imminent crash!

BEIRUT: The pilot of the Ethiopian Airlines plane which crashed shortly after takeoff from Beirut in January last year received several cockpit warnings that disaster was imminent, according to an investigative report probing the disaster, made public over the weekend.
The Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed into the Mediterranean less than four minutes after takeoff, after performing two maneuvers ordered by Beirut’s Air Traffic Control team. Data contained in flight recorders retrieved from the crash site show how the aircraft turned slightly immediately after leaving runway 21, before being instructed to bank reasonably hard to its left. It was during this move that the plane got into trouble, plunging 8,000 feet (2,432 meters) before disappearing from radar screens.
The cockpit of a Boeing 737-800 has several ways of communicating to the pilot that a plane is in danger. The “stick shaker” – a vibrating device housed within the central controls – warns that a plane is in danger of stalling; a “Bank Warning” shows when too steep a turn is being attempted; an over-speed clacker warns against performing a tricky maneuver at high speed, which risks structural damage to an aircraft.
According the report, ET409 pilot Habtamu Benti received all three alerts – including 10 “Bank Warnings” and two “stick shakers” before his plane fell from the sky.
The accident occurred at night in dark lighting conditions with reported isolated cumulonimbus and thunderstorms in the area,” the report said. Cloud cover at half-past midnight on Jan. 25 began at 2,000 feet, possibly obscuring the pilot’s view or contributing to spatial disorientation – a known factor in previous crashes.
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Air Namibia, is positioning itself to be one of Africa’s finest airlines!

Namibia national carrier, Air Namibia, is positioning itself to be one of Africa’s finest airlines. To achieve this objective, the airline is busy with a reorganization exercise, which includes benchmarking its services against some of the most successful African carriers.
This was disclosed during a visit to the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) headquarters by Theo Namases, MD of the airline.
Air Namibia also believes that carriers on the African continent should recognize that there is a need to cooperate and jointly exploit opportunities applying the “win win” principle.
As part of its strategy, Air Namibia is investing in newer generation aircraft to replace the existing ageing fleet. It is also seeking to forge commercial cooperation arrangements with successful airlines to extend its market coverage and provide customer flexibility and convenience.
Briefing the secretary general of AFRAA on the operations of the airline, Namases said:
“Air Namibia aims to increase its contribution to the socio-economic development of Namibia and of the African continent in general. It is for this reason that we are keen to move our
operations to the next level by learning from the best and benchmarking our services with the finest in the world.”
Namases thanked AFRAA for its support since the Airline enrolled as a member in 2000 and asked the association to continue to assist Air Namibia.
She requested AFRAA to establish a research unit that will gather and analyse information pertaining to the industry on the continent for use by airlines in making informed decisions.
Dr Elijah Chingosho, secretary general of AFRAA, used Air Namibia’s visit as an opportunity to brief the team on some of the practical activities AFRAA would be undertaking under the direction and leadership of its executive committee and his management to add value to member airlines.
Dr Chingosho said his focus this year was to “realign AFRAA’s activities to the current imperatives of African airlines.”
He assured Air Namibia that soon, AFRAA, with the approval of the executive committee, will roll out a number of specific projects designed to offer tangible benefits to airlines.
The secretary general also noted that network rationalisation, joint fuel purchase, commercial cooperation and training will be vigorously pursued by AFRAA.
In addition, “AFRAA will tackle the issues of high taxes and charges by service providers and
monopoly handling companies at some African airports with the view to addressing them,” he said.
He added that AFRAA will continue to support Air Namibia whenever so required.
He further called for more active participation of the airline in AFRAA’s activities including attendance by its CEO at the annual general assembly meeting, to be held in Marrakech, Morocco from 20 to 22 November 2011.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visit Yaounde and Douala the Beauty and Attraction of Cameroon

Among the mountains, Mount Cameroon is a major attraction for those interested in Sightseeing in Cameroon. Mount Cameroon lies near the coast and is the highest mountain in Central and West Africa and draws hikers and climbers. The starting point for climbing this mountain is the city of Buea, where guides can be hired and equipment can be rented. The hikers can also use the tin-roofed huts for sleeping during night.

Cameroon Tours can never be complete without a visit to Douala and Yaounde which are two very important towns of Cameron. The city Yaoundé is home to most of Cameroon's national monuments and also has several museums some of which are definitely worth visiting. The western highlands of the country are famous for its mountain scenery, waterfalls and lakes, and the altitude of the place accounts for its cold climate.

Douala is the largest city of Cameroon situated on the banks of Wouri River, has got largest port & country's major International airport "Douala International Airport". It is the commercial capital of the Cameroon & export mainly oil, cocoa, coffee, timber, metals, and fruits. Douala is the 27th most expensive city in the world and the most expensive in Africa. Douala features a tropical monsoon climate, with relatively constant temperatures throughout the course of the year. The city typically features warm and humid conditions. Visa Issuance for most of European & British Nationals is issued upon arrival but it is mandatory to take permission from "LE DELEGUE GENERAL DE LIMMIGRATION" prior flying to Cameroon. Douala International Airport is served by 8 Commercial & 4 chartered services. The airport has got all the major facilities including post office, bank counters, tourist & visa assistance desks. General Taxis or private cabs can be hired easily from outside airport. There are airport reservations desks as well & provide pick & drop service for foreigners. Amongst popular hotels in Douala is "Hotel Akwa Palace". Douala is linked by rail to Yaoundé.

Yaounde is the capital of Cameroon and second largest city in the country after Douala. It lies in the center of the nation at an elevation of about 750 meters (2,500 ft) above sea level. Major industries in Yaoundé include tobacco, dairy products, breweries, clay, glass goods, and lumber. Visa Issuance for most of European & British Nationals is issued upon arrival but it is mandatory to take permission from "LE DELEGUE GENERAL DE LIMMIGRATION" prior flying to Cameroon. Yaoundé is served by "Nsimalen International Airport (NSI)" where 6 Commercial & 3 chartered services. The airport has got all the major facilities including post office, bank counters, tourist & visa assistance desks. General Taxis or private cabs can be hired easily from outside airport. Many bus companies operate from the city, particularly in the Nsam and Mvan neighborhoods. Frequent bus runs occur along the road between Yaoundé and Douala, which has witnessed several fatal accidents. Travel time by road between Douala and Yaoundé is approximately 3 hours. Traffic in the city can be heavy during weekdays. Yaoundé is also linked by rail to Douala.

When to Visit Cameroon:

Cameroon has a network of dusty back country roads, except when it rains, at which time they turn to mud. Bearing in mind the deep greenness that covers much of the country it does not take great powers of deduction to conclude that it rains extensively. As much as is possible it is advisable to avoid the wet seasons.
As a rule the southern tropical belt experience rain intermittently all year round, with a more persistent deluge between June and October.
In the north the climate is drier, with a more distinct summer wet season between mid-April and October.
In general the best months to visit are the winter months between November and February, although it is also during that time that the Harmattan cloud May periodically uncertain the landscape.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Air Zimbabwe Suspend Flights To Johannesburg, South Africa

Harare, Zimbabwe - Troubled national airline, Air Zimbabwe, has been forced to suspend flights to Johannesburg amid reports that there are creditors waiting to attach the company’s aged planes.
Among the many creditors are Zimbabwean farmers who lost their land during the controversial land reform programme and a Germany bank.

The airline is struggling to pay off mounting debts totalling US$60 million. These include a huge wage and allowance bill owed to workers which resulted in several industrial actions last year, bringing the airline's operations to a halt.

On Tuesday the airline suspended all its fights to Johannesburg from Bulawayo, Harare and Victoria Falls. Passengers who were booked on the flights were transferred to Skylink Airways, British Airways and South African Airways.

Sources at Air Zimbabwe headquarters at the Harare International Airport told Radio VOP Wednesday that the Minister of Transport and Communications, Nicholas Goche travelled to South Africa to negotiate with the creditors.

“The Minister went to South Africa for negotiations and the management left on Tuesday and they both used South African Airways,” sources said.

However an official at Air Zimbabwe sought to down play the issue saying:“We no longer fly on daily basis to Johannesburg because of low business. It has been so bad and we have decided not to fly an empty plane,” said an official in the reservation department.

The Johannesburg routes are among the airline’s cash cow because of the huge volume of travellers on the route. Observers said the airline could have boosted its business particularly on the Bulawayo-Johannesburg route because of the recent halt by Fly Kumba which had been flying from Johannesburg to the country’s second city of Bulawayo.

The airline’s OR Tambo airport offices were on Tuesday closed and phones went unanswered.

Air Zimbabwe has a history of debts ranging from failure to pay salaries, operational costs such as fuel in foreign countries and surcharge costs. In 2008 it had to be bailed out by a local businessmen after British authorities threatened to attach a Boeing 767 for failing to pay 40 000 pounds in fuel costs.

Corruption cost Cameroon $3.75 bn in six years....

Yaounde-Cameroon lost some 2.8 billion euros ($3.75 billion) in state revenue between 1998 and 2004 through corruption, according to an official report seen by AFP.
Illegal forestry in particular was responsible for losses averaging some 152 million euros a year, the National Anti-Corruption Commission report said, quoting an investigation by environmental groups including Greenpeace and Forest Monitor.
Cameroon is perceived as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, according to the watchdog Transparency International.
Under pressure from donor countries, the government has launched a crackdown on corruption which has resulted in heavy prison terms for former minister and heads of state entreprises.
Even so, the report said that in the opinion of experts and other informed observers, reforms and sanctions have not had a significant impact.
Officially the government strategy is for Cameroon to be a country of integrity by 2015, "with economic growth based on work well done, shared out in an equitable fashion."
The strategy targets 10 priority sectors, including the public investment budget, contracts, finance and forestry.
Under a 1996 law that has yet to be implemented senior state officials are meant to disclose their assets fully.

Art market in Bali: "We want to be closer to the public"

Everything happens on the streets of the French Union, better known as the "Street of Joy, precisely at a place called" old secretariat. " We are in the neighborhood Bali in Douala. A Street famous for grilled fish found there every night. On one side of the stalls "braiseuses" of the other bars and call box, with all that entails like atmosphere at night.

Amidst all this hubbub has settled with his Stéphane Eloundou "Caf'Art" Coffee artists. A small space which, as its name suggests brings together all the time, over coffee, artists, musicians, visual artists, the developer himself part of the latter category. He and two other visual artists including Merlin Tefolo and Hervé Yamguem head, the director of the market, which has devised the concept. The market for art in Bali. Goal, "bring our works to the public. View that we are accustomed to exhibit in enclosed areas where the general public does not always have access, "explains Stéphane Eloundou.

The first edition of this appointment of plastic art in the street was held on Saturday 12 and Sunday, February 13, with 34 visual artists in one place. Goddy Laye, Boris Nzebo, Lindou Salifou, Koko Komégné Joel Mpah Dooh, Alioum Moussa, Aser Kash, Kemplo, Boudjeka Joe Kessy, Cheuping Njoya, Patrick Wokmeni, Ginette Dalleu, Dalla ... Samuel, all located there. In total nearly 300 paintings, clothing, CDs, and other art objects roamed the walls of the street. The public could then discover the works that were sold at the same time, while sticking to each face, an author.

In addition to the exhibitions-sales, the market for art in Bali has provided during these two days, two plates and slam poetry with renowned poets such as Valerie Dagger, Fernando D'Almeida, Henry Kala Lobè and the slammers Stone , came from Yaounde, Marci and Tito. The event ended on Sunday by a film screening of all activities during this edition, the first who clearly met the organizers. After a tribute to the artist Rigobert Ndjeng died Jan. 24 last, "our father in this business," says one of the artists, organizers hope to hold this event at least once each year. A great initiative, the general view of the public.

Cameroon-Business: Guinness launches Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards, DABRA!

Cameroon-Business - One of Cameroon's foremost breweries and distilleries, Guinness Cameroon, affiliate of the Diageo spirits company, last Friday February 4, at Yaounde's Hilton Hotel launched an international business reporting competition, the Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards, DABRA. The aim of the competition is to promote excellence in business journalism on Africa where others have tended to major in conflict and the negative, explained Guinness Cameroon Managing Director and head of the Cameroon Hub, Steve Gannon.

Such reporting, he pointed out, portrays the other side of happenings on the continent, thus playing a major role in opening it up to greater investment flows. Through the competition, the company seeks to give back something to the countries where it operates by helping them develop their business, Gannon said.

The MD therefore invited Cameroonian business/economy reporters to write stories that could win some of the awards on offer, explaining that the competition was open to all journalists - print, broadcast and Information Communication Technology media. The quality of entries must be insightful, engaging, honest and have integrity, he explained.

The competition that began in 2004 has this year been extended to Francophone African countries and the number of categories increased from 7 to 11. They are features on infrastructure, agribusiness/environment and tourism; while the others are stories on use of New Media or ICT, business news, business feature, newcomer, media of the year, and journalist of the year categories. A total of 33 nominees are to be retained for the finals that come up in London in July this year.

Articles for the competition should not be more than 5,000 words. Journalists would be free to submit as many entries as they wish for certain categories. Entries may be submitted to Guinness Cameroon Douala office for forwarding to the Nigerian collection centre by March 20. On offer, would be a sculpture piece and prize money of FCFA 400,000. Award organizers however stressed at the launch that the recognition to be gained from winning such an award and the international exposure the winner would receive, were more important than the token prize money. Already published or broadcast material would also be accepted as entries; but this must have taken place between April 18, 2010 and March 27, 2011. The awards are free for all to enter. Online submission of entries is available at

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kenya Airways further expands fleet

As part of a continuing program to enlarge and modernize their fleet, Kenya Airways has taken delivery on a brand new Embraer airliner. Their first E190 Advanced Range (AR) aircraft joins an existing fleet of Embraer 170s, bringing the airline’s total E-Jet fleet to six.
According to Rosemary Adogo, Area Manager Southern Africa and IOI: “The new Embraer is critical to the airline’s regional route expansion process, because it serves the medium to long-range African destinations. It offers the comforts that have come to be expected on the E170s, but in addition, it is also fitted with state-of-the-art, in-seat, in-flight entertainment technology.” She further added, “Passengers can look forward to excellent cabin comfort in a true dual-class configuration of 12 business class seats.”
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Million dollar shopping mall for Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe!

Developers of a shopping mall in Victoria Falls have invited businesses to forward their input into the building of the structure which they say would take shopping to a new level in Zimbabwe’s premier resort town.

The Mosi-oa-Tunya Gateway Shopping Mall, that will accommodate shops of all sizes, is being developed by Calwood Investments Private Limited, through their project managers, Knight Frank, who have invited prospective tenants to indicate their interest.
Knight Frank managing partner in Bulawayo, Oswald Nyakunika, said the shopping mall would be located at the intersection of Livingstone Way and Kazungula Road at the entrance to Victoria Falls town.

“The development will be highly visible and abutting these major roads from Kazungula, Bulawayo and the airport into town,” Nyakunika said. He said with store sizes ranging from 40 square metres to 1 800 square metres, the shopping mall would accommodate a full complement of shops from pharmacies to banks, to restaurants, clothing stores, hardware and electrical appliances shops.

“Customers will also have access to curio and art wares, medical suites, tour operators and travel agents, as well as an Internet café,” he said.

The largest shop will be approximately 1 800 square metres and can accommodate a large retail warehouse, a wholesale cash and carry, superstore or large supermarket.

The mall is expected to service Victoria Falls and the nearby towns of Hwange and Lupane, as well as Livingstone in Zambia, Kasane in Botswana and Kazungula at the borders of Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.

The estate agent expert said amenities would include ample parking in a secure environment, tastefully designed street furniture, vendor stalls and shopping benches.

“The shopping mall is expected to be a blue tooth and Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing patrons to be in touch with the centre events and surf the web free of charge,” said Nyakunika. He said what makes the town attractive is that it is the centre of attraction in a vast tourist region that straddles across the borders of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.

Swiss Air takes delivery of its tenth Airbus A330-300!

SWISS Air added a tenth Airbus A330-300 twinjet to its fleet last week (Friday 21 January) when aircraft HB-JHJ performed its delivery flight from Toulouse to Zurich. The aircraft is due to enter revenue service on Sunday 23 January on a Zurich-New York flight. This latest delivery completes the first phase in the integration of the advanced long-haul A330-300 into the SWISS fleet.

SWISS has been steadily taking delivery of its new Airbus A330-300s since April 2009. The twinjets are gradually replacing the earlier A330-200s in the airline’s fleet. A further five A330-300s were ordered last year. These will join the SWISS long-haul fleet from 2012 onwards, raising total A330-300 numbers to 15 aircraft.

Originally ordered by SWISS back in 2007, the Airbus A330-300 consumes some 13% less fuel per passenger than its predecessor model. One key reason for this is the -300’s advanced and more fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines.

On board, the Airbus A330-300 boasts a two-metre-long lie-flat bed in its SWISS Business cabin and an entire “suite above the clouds” for First Class guests, along with a state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system. The A330-300 is currently deployed by SWISS on its services to New York, Chicago, Montreal, Dubai/Muscat, Mumbai, Delhi, Nairobi/Dar es Salaam and Douala/Yaoundé, and on some Miami flights.

The SWISS long-haul fleet currently consists of:

15 Airbus A340-300s
10 Airbus A330-300s
2 Airbus A330-200s (to be phased out by mid-2011).
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Journey to Douala, Cameroon to photograph gorillas, other wildlife by Dr. Barry W. Barker

Dr. Barry W. Barker, president of Wild Spots Foundation, will escort a journey to Cameroon, June 15-30, 2011, to photograph the lowland gorilla found in the Congolese Forest Basin in Central Africa. The trip is open to nature photographers and others who have an interest in wildlife conservation.
Barker has lead many groups over the past 25 years to document and photographically catalog endangered and threatened species around the world and has taken groups to over 51 countries including Borneo, Madagascar, China, Ecuador, and throughout Africa. Upon return to South Florida, the group presents a photographic exhibit to the public.
The primary location of the expedition will be in the Lobeke National Park located in the southeastern corner of the Republic of Cameroon.  The habitat there supports high levels of  large mammals, including elephants, western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, bongos and forest buffalo. The group will be based in specially-constructed watchtowers that overlook feeding and watering areas for the gorilla and other forest animals.  During the day, the group will explore the local jungle led by local Baka Pygmy guides.

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Camair-co to take off in 60 days!

The new Director General of the Cameroon Airlines Company Camair-Co, Alain Vanet and his deputy Emmanuel Ndoh Mboozoo have been commissioned into their functions. They were installed in Douala by the Minister of State for Transport, Bello Bouba Maigari
The minister prescribed a 60 day deadline for the airlines company to effectively take off.

The company is expected to begin business with 420 employees and four aircrafts including the DJa .

The inaugural flight has been scheduled for the 28th March 2011, 60 days from the day of installation of the management team.

There are hopes that CAMAIR CO shall cope in the highly competitive sector given that the man leading the new adventure is a tested manager.

 Alex Van Elk was born on the 5th March 1953 in Amsterdam.  He has a rich experience in airlines management.

In 2006 he launched the Nigerian airline Arik Air; A property of the Nigerian businessman Arumemi-Ikhide.

His assistant Emmanuel Ndoh Mboozoo, was born on the 13th November 1957 at Mfoulassi in Sangmelima, South Region. He is an experienced pilot who has more than 10. 000 hours of flight to his credit.

In his installation remark, Bello Bouba Maïgaria assured them of government assistance.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Afriqiyah and Kenya Airways are in the hunt for more destinations into Nigeria!

Both airlines already have direct flights to Lagos, Nigeria. It was learnt the airlines are seeking direct flights to Abuja, the federal capital.
This was disclosed when Vice President Namadi Sambo hosted his Kenyan counterpart, Kalonzo Musyoka, in Abuja.
Sambo, who noted that the President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration is with Kenya in the effort towards producing a new constitution, said the Federal Government would like to share its parliamentary experience with Kenya as well as other socio-economic cooperation, especially in transportation which Africa has not been able to develop fully.
He said to ensure smooth transportation between the two countries, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and that of Aviation would meet with Kenyan High Commissioner to work out modalities where there would be direct flights from Nairobi, Kenya to Abuja. Even as it was disclosed that Libyan Airline, Afriqiyah Airways is also requesting a direct flight to Abuja.
“I really appreciate this visit and we are looking forward to see how we can bring social transformation between our two countries. We are also looking forward to see better cooperation, as we believe that the problem of Africa can be better solved by Africans themselves. I can assure you that we are going to have closer interaction at all levels.
“I will facilitate the relationship between your own parliament and our parliament here.”
The Vice President, however, gave the Kenyan counterpart documents containing the Federal Government Development Plan as well as Road maps on Power and Water development.
The Kenyan Vice President, who requested that Kenyan Airways should be allowed to fly straight to Abuja solicited for an exchange programme and more interaction with Nigeria, adding that his High Commissioner would facilitate a familiarisation visit by members of his administration to study the political organisation in Nigeria.
He stated that if Judicial Commission Bill was passed, it would strengthen their judiciary as the new constitution is drawn from that of Nigeria.
Earlier, in his speech, Musyoka who was accompanied by a principal Member of Parliament, Mohamed Affey, said he was in the country to convey the message and congratulations of President, Nwai Kibaki, to President Jonathan and Vice President Sambo over their victories in the last party primaries.
The visiting Vice President  disclosed that he was in the country with a member of parliament to learn the political organisation in Nigeria, as the parties primaries were being watched in Kenya and they were impressed to hear that about seventy (70) million people are expected to register in the ongoing voters registration exercise whereas in his country, they would be happy if they can get seven million people to register.
Musyoka said his country is doing well in the Eastern part of Africa and the rumour that Kenya wanted to pull out of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is far from the truth. “Kenya had a new constitution which it brought out last year, it is like having a second republic. 
What Mr. President wants to do now is to appoint the Chief Justice and Director of Public Prosecutions this coming week but Parliament is on recess”, Musyoka added.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Tourism welcomes Zuma's speech

The Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) has commended President Jacob Zuma for the positive tone expressed towards the Travel and Tourism sector in his State of the Nation address. 

"This must be the first time that tourism has received such an extensive mention in the President's speech," said TBCSA CEO Mmat'at'i Marobe.   "We hope this positive tone is not restricted to the President's office, but also reflected across Cabinet.".
  The tourism industry, she said, could create more jobs if various departments supported commitments made by Zuma.
  The sector is currently faced with difficulties, including management of messages about South Africa for domestic and international distribution.  Other challenges include simplifying the visa and immigration processes.

Southern Africa Tourism Services Association CEO Michael Tatalias also commended Zuma for committing to deal with the challenges of air access.   "We need a clear and decisive long term strategy to convert the 2006 Cabinet decision on liberalisation of the skies into bold policy to seize the opportunities for growth," said Tatalias.   Tourism, he said, could play a key role in assisting government in creating more jobs.

The tourism private sector commended Zuma for the increased budget for the Industrial Development Corporation, the R9-billion job fund and the plans for small business.

It also commended Zuma for committing government to pay its service providers within 30 days.

Zimbabwe possibly will permit Return of International Airlines, Independent Says

Harare-Zimbabwe may possibly approve proposals from nine airlines to resume flights to the country, the Zimbabwe Independent reported, citing Annajlia Hungwe, spokeswoman for the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe.
Air France, KLM, Austrian Airlines, Egypt Air, Swiss Air AG, Bulgarian Airlines, Qantas Airways, Emirates Airline and Lufthansa applied to fly to Zimbabwe again, the Harare-based newspaper cited Hungwe as saying on its website.
Eighteen airlines stopped flights to Zimbabwe over the past decade because of a political and economic crisis in the southern African country, the newspaper said. Zimbabwe rejected applications from airlines in South Africa, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates in 2008, it said.
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Entire coastline of Namibia is designated a national park!

Namibia has become what is thought to be the first country to allocate its entire coastline a national park.
The Namib-Skeleton Coast National Park covers 26.6 million acres, making it larger than Portugal.
It stretches for 976 miles (1,570km), from the Kunene River, at the northern border with Angola, to the Orange River, on the border with South Africa and Zimbabwe, and is expected to be promoted as a unified destination. The protected coastline consolidates three national parks: Skeleton Coast, Namib-Naukluft and Sperrgebiet. The last is the site of Namibia’s diamond mines, which have long been closed to the public.
The national park does not stop at the national borders – at the southern end it connects with South Africa’s Richetersveld National Park, while in the north it is linked to Angola’s Iona National Park. Some coastal roads are good, particularly in Dorob National Park, but there is no pan-Namibian highway.
Historically, Namibia has been a trailblazer in using tourism to fund conservation, and has encouraged tribal communities to set up conservation areas, which they manage sustainably in order to keep poaching at bay and to attract tourism. The aim of the new park is to rein in environmentally damaging activities and encourage tourism.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

South African hotel voted world class

A new survey has shown that a Cape Town hotel is one of the top establishments in the world.

The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa was voted for in the recent Travel + Leisure's 500 Best Hotels readers poll and came out as one of the top ten Africa-based hotels.

Part of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection, the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa in Cape Town offers those taking flights to South Africa the chance to stay in a luxury and peaceful location.

Guests can also enjoy the stunning views of the famous Twelve Apostles mountain range as well as looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. It also benefits by being a short distance from Camps Bay and Cape Town's city centre.
The awards recognised the property as the number one hotel in Cape Town and the leading hotel in South Africa.

Red Carnation Hotels also operate two other properties in South Africa - the Oyster Box and the Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Qatar Aairways increasing flights to tanzania and east africa!

Tanzania – Rapidly growing tourism in Tanzania and East Africa, Qatar Airways has increased its flights in the East African region with additional flights across the two capital cities of Dar es Salaam and Nairobi in Tanzania and Kenya, respectively.
As part of the Doha-based airline's growth strategy, Tanzania and Kenya have been marked strategic destinations in Africa with a step to increase its frequency on existing routes to 12 flights per week, which is a strong lever to facilitate growth in the business and tourism sectors in this part of Africa.
Dar es Salaam, on the immaculate beaches on the shores of the Indian Ocean, is currently served daily and has already received an additional four flights a week from January 2, this year. An additional flight will commence from February 14 to make its flight frequency up to 12 weekly services.
On the other hand, the daily Nairobi-Doha flights have increased to 12 flights a week. From January 3, an additional two flights will take capacity up to double daily. The expansion comes after five successful years of operations to Kenya's capital city.
"We have been serving Nairobi since November 2005, and this has proved one of our biggest success stories in Africa, so we are extremely pleased to be offering our passengers even more choice with additional frequency going to double daily," Al Baker added.
Both routes are operated with an A320 aircraft, featuring 12 seats in Business Class and 132 Economy seats.
The African subcontinent is one of Qatar Airways' largest markets by the number of destinations served, and the region alone makes up over ten percent of the airline's international network.
The award-winning, Doha-based airline currently flies to 17 cities across Africa, including Alexandria, Algiers, Cairo, Luxor, Casablanca, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Khartoum, Lagos, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Douala, Seychelles, Tripoli, and Tunis, Zimbabwe, Ghana.
From each of these cities, the airline offers convenient connections via its Doha hub to many points on the airline's network covering Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and North and South America and somewhere code share flights connected.
The airline currently operates a modern fleet of 93 aircraft to 95 key business and leisure destinations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, North and South America. The latest addition was the French Mediterranean city of Nice in November last year.