Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arik Air joins BSP for Nigeria, Ghana

Arik Air may have begun moves to compete favorably with major airlines in the world, having joined the Billing Settlement Plan, BSP, for Nigeria and Ghana, of the International Air Transport Association, IATA.
Aside from giving the airline access to all IATA accredited agents to sell Arik Air’s tickets through their outlets, the BSP is also expected to fast-track the airline’s efforts at integrating into one of the world’s airline alliances for purposes of creating the desired connections for passengers.
Apart from normal ticketing, passengers could also buy other facilities and services of Arik Air which include upgrade to a higher class, excess baggage tickets, airport lounge facility through any IATA accredited travel agents.
Arik Air’s Senior Vice President Commercial, Mr. Kevin Steele, said of the development: “We are committed to delivering the best available facilities and services to our customers in a quick and effective way; through BSP we are coming closer to the passenger community.”
Speaking in a similar vein, Arik Air’s Vice President, Sales and Distribution, Mr. John Brayford, said with this new system, more than 500 travel agents would be able to sell Arik Air’s products and services through their outlets in Nigeria, while agents selling Arik Air’s tickets in  Accra, Ghana will increase to 85 from the current single digit.
“We are delighted to become a member of BSP and hope to build strong business relationships with our travel agency colleagues and their customers in the future.
“This is just one of several initiatives we will roll out during 2011 designed to improve service to our customers,” Brayford said.
BSP is a system designed to facilitate and simplify the selling, reporting and remitting procedures of IATA Accredited Passenger Sales Agents, as well as improve financial control and cash flow for BSP Airlines.