Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CAMAIR CO set to take off: the Dja lands in Douala

Cameroon’s national airlines Company, CAMAIR CO, is set to begin real business on the 28th of March 2011 as announced by the company’s Director General.
One week to the D-Day, the Company’s major aircraft “the Dja” was flown back to the country after repairs abroad.

The entire staff of the company was at the Douala Airport to watch “the Dja” lands in preparation for a grand take- off.

According to CAMAIRCO’s management team, one of the planes to take care of domestic flights is due to arrive Cameroon this 21st of March 2011.

The announcement was good news to many Cameroonians who have been eager to have national airline company link major cities in the country, after several years of wait.

The arrival of “the Dja” was clear indication that CAMAIRCO’s management mean business and is determined to do good business.