Sunday, April 3, 2011

Air Zimbabwe Pilots call off strike for Bob!

President Robert Mugabe together with his massive delegation and elaborate security has caused a stir at a luxury hotel in Zambia.
Zimbabwe's octogenarian leader, who was visibly not feeling well, jetted into Livingstone, Zambia, this week on a Zimbabwe plane accompanied by heavy security, ministers and plenty of aides - despite Air Zimbabwe pilots being on strike. Officials, however, said pilots were "required to temporarily call off the strike" if Mugabe wants to travel.
He was attending the Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit.
On arrival at the Zambezi Sun Hotel, Mugabe was surrounded by more than 60 people. More than 40 of them arrived on the same plane as Mugabe while about 15 had come as an advanced delegation. Curious Zambians and tourists stared in awe.
The situation was worsened by members of the Zambian protocol and government officials, who had come to welcome the 87-year-old leader.
The veteran Zimbabwe leader, who appeared to struggle while walking, slowly made his way to a golf cart which took him to his executive suite.
Tourists, guests and SADC officials watched as Mugabe was driven to his room surrounded by bodyguards and officials on foot. It was difficult for photographers to get a good picture of Mugabe. Another cart with more bodyguards and protocol officials followed behind.
Even when he left the hotel for lunch, Mugabe used the golf cart to get to his vehicle.
South African President Jacob Zuma had less than 12 people around him and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai six.