Friday, February 10, 2012

Harmattan causes flight delays in Ghana

Air travelers hoping to be in Accra, Kumasi or Takoradi on Friday will possibly have to look for an alternative as bad weather threatens to ground flights for a fourth consecutive day.

According to the National Meteorological Service, commercial flights are not likely to operate to these destinations today and possibly the rest of the weekend because the weather is still not likely to be conducive enough for flying.

This means massive revenue loss for the domestic flight operators.

A senior officer at the Ghana Meteorological Service, Mula Tsatsu Siame explained that commercial flights cannot operate under such weather conditions.

Presently visibility around the coastal areas, like Accra, Takoradi, and Cape Coast ranges between 800 and 1000 metres, we are hoping it would improve to at least, 1200 metres and even that is not safe for flying. ”

According to Mr. Siame, it is unlikely the weather will be favourable for flying in the next few days.