Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art market in Bali: "We want to be closer to the public"

Everything happens on the streets of the French Union, better known as the "Street of Joy, precisely at a place called" old secretariat. " We are in the neighborhood Bali in Douala. A Street famous for grilled fish found there every night. On one side of the stalls "braiseuses" of the other bars and call box, with all that entails like atmosphere at night.

Amidst all this hubbub has settled with his Stéphane Eloundou "Caf'Art" Coffee artists. A small space which, as its name suggests brings together all the time, over coffee, artists, musicians, visual artists, the developer himself part of the latter category. He and two other visual artists including Merlin Tefolo and Hervé Yamguem head, the director of the market, which has devised the concept. The market for art in Bali. Goal, "bring our works to the public. View that we are accustomed to exhibit in enclosed areas where the general public does not always have access, "explains Stéphane Eloundou.

The first edition of this appointment of plastic art in the street was held on Saturday 12 and Sunday, February 13, with 34 visual artists in one place. Goddy Laye, Boris Nzebo, Lindou Salifou, Koko Komégné Joel Mpah Dooh, Alioum Moussa, Aser Kash, Kemplo, Boudjeka Joe Kessy, Cheuping Njoya, Patrick Wokmeni, Ginette Dalleu, Dalla ... Samuel, all located there. In total nearly 300 paintings, clothing, CDs, and other art objects roamed the walls of the street. The public could then discover the works that were sold at the same time, while sticking to each face, an author.

In addition to the exhibitions-sales, the market for art in Bali has provided during these two days, two plates and slam poetry with renowned poets such as Valerie Dagger, Fernando D'Almeida, Henry Kala Lobè and the slammers Stone , came from Yaounde, Marci and Tito. The event ended on Sunday by a film screening of all activities during this edition, the first who clearly met the organizers. After a tribute to the artist Rigobert Ndjeng died Jan. 24 last, "our father in this business," says one of the artists, organizers hope to hold this event at least once each year. A great initiative, the general view of the public.