Sunday, February 13, 2011

Journey to Douala, Cameroon to photograph gorillas, other wildlife by Dr. Barry W. Barker

Dr. Barry W. Barker, president of Wild Spots Foundation, will escort a journey to Cameroon, June 15-30, 2011, to photograph the lowland gorilla found in the Congolese Forest Basin in Central Africa. The trip is open to nature photographers and others who have an interest in wildlife conservation.
Barker has lead many groups over the past 25 years to document and photographically catalog endangered and threatened species around the world and has taken groups to over 51 countries including Borneo, Madagascar, China, Ecuador, and throughout Africa. Upon return to South Florida, the group presents a photographic exhibit to the public.
The primary location of the expedition will be in the Lobeke National Park located in the southeastern corner of the Republic of Cameroon.  The habitat there supports high levels of  large mammals, including elephants, western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, bongos and forest buffalo. The group will be based in specially-constructed watchtowers that overlook feeding and watering areas for the gorilla and other forest animals.  During the day, the group will explore the local jungle led by local Baka Pygmy guides.

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