Sunday, February 20, 2011

An excellent travel companion By Paul Murray

Let’s face it: when you think of Zimbabwe you don’t think of a cheerful tourist paradise or of sipping cocktails while admiring the sun go down over Victoria Falls. No, when you think of Zimbabwe you think of more sinister images: famine, bloody forced removals and, of course, Bob Mugabe.
This is what makes Paul Murray’s offering so special: it turns these perceptions on their heads. Beginning with an apology for not being as detailed as other Bradt guides because of the political unrest and the author’s unwillingness to compromise on the safety of himself and his crew and peppered with interesting tit-bits like the fact that it is illegal to wear clothes with a camouflage print, it is a well-researched guide with the passion of the author coming through on every page.
It touches on other attractions the country has to offer aside from Victoria Falls, Matobo National park and Lake Kariba.
What also make this guide a good investment is its use of the explanation of the country’s history to shed light on its current situation.
All in all, it’s insightful and practical and would be an excellent companion on any road trip north. – Daily News