Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Explore Cameroon and Visit Best Places!

ca12.jpegCameroon is an African destination. It has history, culture and a perfect example of landscapes that could place it nowhere else but Africa. It is also relatively peaceful and unscarred by the regional propensity for horror. Although politically rigid, it is not a dictatorship, and although a little sharp, it is nowhere near as corrupt as its neighbors. The best places to visit in Cameroon are:

Waza National Park:
The Waza National Park is Cameroon's most famous national park. The park is open to visitors from 15 November to 15 June. A guide is compulsory in each vehicle that enters the park. While there is no accommodation in the park, visitors can camp near the entrance, or at the tiny village of Waza, north of the park entrance. Access to the park itself might be tricky. However, visitors get a chance to observe various animals like the elephant, giraffe, ostrich, antelope, gazelle and lion. Moreover, there are a variety of birds to be observed. Lions are best observed during April.
Yaounde is a city of seven hills, cut by valleys and found almost at the center of Cameroon. Yaounde was inhabited in the prehistoric times .Tools and shaped stones dating 600 thousand years were found there. In 1889, the German built a military post on that site. In 1909, Yaounde became the capital of the country under German colonization. Yaounde was originally inhabited by the Beti, more specifically by the Ewondos, the autochthons of the place. Today, it has a multinational population.
Douala is situated on the Wouri River, 24km (15 miles) from the sea, is the largest city of Cameroon. It is sometimes called Armpit of Africa and we have to admit it is a sweaty place. It lacks major sights, but the Akwa district is lively enough and has quite some good African restaurants. Douala is not the capital of Cameroon, but the most significant city by its population, and by its economic role. The chief commercial centre, Douala has an airport and extensive docks, and is a terminus for two railway lines extending into the interior. Industries include the manufacture of aluminum products, beer, soft drinks, textiles, and the processing of timber and cacao beans. Douala's port handles some 95 percent of the country's maritime traffic, and is second only to Kinshasa as Central Africa's largest city. Douala is divided into quarters or quarters: Akwa is the center of the city and the place where you will be spending most of your time, the Stand Municipal Artisanal, and Banajo the administrative district.

The Benoue National Park:
The Benoue National Park is located between Ngaoundere and Garoua and is the country's second best game reserve. The park is open from December to May - the best time to go is from January onwards, especially early in the morning. A guide in the park is compulsory.

The falls of Ekom:
With approximately 30 kilometers of Nkongsamba, on the road of the West, between Nkongsamba and Melong, one takes a track of 11 kilometers which leads to the village of Ekom where one can see very beautiful falls. Nkam which makes the border between the provinces of the Littoral and the West throws a height of 80 Mr.
The falls of Ekom were used as decoration with the Greystoke film with Christophe Lambert.

Sangmlima is a city of Cameroun on the river Lobo, chief town of the department of Dja-and-Lobo in the province of the South.  The principal ethnos group is the Bulu ethnos group, resulting from the Fang ethnos group. Cameroonian president Paul Biya is itself Bulu, of a village close to Sangmlima, Mvomeka' A.  The reserve of Biosphere of Dja is a natural park of 5.260 km which borders is city and which is registered with the world heritage of humanity since 1984. UNESCO indicated it like one of largest and of protected best from the primary forests of Africa, with 90% of its not yet violated surface. There are also vast forest zones in the south of the city.

When to Visit:
In general the best months to visit are the winter months between November and February, although it is also during that time that the Harmattan haze may periodically obscure the landscape.

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