Friday, December 2, 2011

Camair-Co launches three new African routes

Camair-Co, the newly launched national carrier of Cameroon, launched three new international routes in the last week; each operating three times weekly with the airline’s 128-seat 737-700s flights from Douala (DLA). On 25 November, the airline began flying to Bangui (BGF), the capital of the Central African Republic. The next day, a route to Kinshasa (FIH), the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was launched. On 27 November, this was followed by a route to Brazzaville (BZV), the neighbouring capital of the Republic of the Congo. While the Kinshasa route is uncontested, the two other new routes face competition from several carriers; Air Nigeria flies three times weekly to Brazzaville alongside Ethiopian Airlines’ two weekly flights, while the following airlines operate with the following weekly frequencies between Douala and Bangui; Ethiopian Airlines (2), Touma├» Air Tchad (2), TAAG Angola Airlines (2), Kenya Airways (2) and Interair South Africa (1).