Friday, December 23, 2011

Kenya Airways welcomes A Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Nairobi

Kenya Airways this week welcomed Boeing's 787 Dreamliner to Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi as part of the new aircraft's international tour.
The plane touched down in Kenya's capital city following a stopover in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
It was welcomed by Kenya Airways staff and management, as well as special guests and trade minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere.
The airline has placed a firm order for nine 787 Dreamliners and has an option to take four more.
It will use the aircraft to replace the ageing Boeing 767s in its fleet and support its plans to open up new long-haul flight routes.
Dr Titus Naikuni, chief executive of Kenya Airways, said the new liner will play an important part in the company's mission to become the carrier of choice connecting Africa to the rest of the world.
'The 787 Dreamliner fits well with our expansion strategy, giving us an opportunity to expand our markets beyond the current offering,' he added.