Saturday, December 24, 2011

Emirates launches internet connectivity on A380s

Emirates passengers now have the opportunity to connect to wireless internet networks and surf the web, send emails and access social networking sites during flights on the Airbus A380.
Users of smartphones, tablets and laptops can access the service by opening up their device's wireless connections and logging on to the OnAir network.
Prices start from US$7.50 (£4.84) for mobiles and US$15 for laptops.
The airline has launched Wi-Fi connectivity on 11 of its 19 A380s currently in service, with the facility set to be made available on the entire fleet of 71 superjumbos on order.
Emirates spokesman Patrick Brannelly said the carrier recognises the growing importance of inflight web access, especially on longer journeys.
'Adding internet access is going to be a vital and ubiquitous part of any inflight experience, just as it is in everyday life on the ground,' he added.
Furthermore, the airline revealed that all new Airbus A380s delivered from mid-2012 will come with a full range of Wi-Fi, mobile phone and data services.